BS Graphic Designing Complete Guide 2024

Graphic Design is a 4 year multidisciplinary degree program. It needs a vast range of intelligent, creative, innovative and practical skills. This degree concentrates on the design, demonstration, appearance and communication of designs that fulfills the needs of the users. A wide range of subjects starting from the history of design to advanced design layouts develops students to independently understand and manage the feasible design requirements.

TheBachelors in graphic designing program prepares students for opportunities in design and creative visual digital media related fields. This program focuses hands-on design practice, integrating the building of formal and technical skills with critical identification theory and research.

Graphic designers create visual concepts using advanced computer software apps or by hand, to communicate ideas that inspire and captivate to clients. They design the layouts and for clients according to their requirements such as website layouts, brochures, magazines, advertisements and different types of reports.

Majors Or Specializations of BS Graphic Designing

Graduates who specialize in graphic designing degree program may choose to explore print and digital media. The syllabus includes coursework in image-making, theories and history, typography, web and multimedia design, and research and portfolio development.

There are following majors of graphic designing are:

  • Drawing

  • Drawing for Design

  • Visual Communication

  • Photography

  • Elements of Type

  • Typographic Systems

  • Design Understanding

  • Colors and Form

  • Technical Drawing

  • Representation Techniques

  • Visual Culture

  • Image Design

  • Page Architecture

  • Creative Thinking

  • Words and Images

  • Graphic Principles

  • Psychology of Play

Duration And Credit Hours Of BS Graphic Designing

Bachelor’s in graphic design degree program is designed to be completed in 4 years with a total 8 semester. However, many students spend 5 or more years to complete this degree program.

The semester wise credit hours distribution of BS graphic designing is as:

Semesters Credit hours
1st semester 18
2nd semester 18
3rd semester 18
4th semester 18
5th semester 18
6th semester 15
7th semester 12
8th semester 13

Scope And Career Of BS Graphic Designing

Graphic designers in Pakistan have a lot of job opportunities in various industries and software houses. They can easily work in promoting agencies, design studios, print and digital media houses, e-commerce companies and web development software houses. Bachelors in graphic design has a wide scope due to the increasing demand of marketing, advertising and digital media for different websites.

A scope in graphic design is an exciting way to combine art and technology. These professionals are needed on various projects in a variety of fields such as marketing and promoting ads, publishing, healthcare and digital communications.

The graphic designer job description includes the entire process of defining requirements, visualizing and creating graphics such as logos, layouts, illustrations and photos.

There are various job opportunities for graphic designers.

  • Graphic Designers

  • Creative Directors

  • Product developer

  • Art Director

  • Marketing specialist

  • Multimedia Artist or Animator

  • Visual Merchandiser

  • Packaging Designer

  • App Design/Development

  • Social Media Communicator

  • Game Designer

  • Illustration Designer

  • Web Designer

  • Lead Designer

  • Interactive Designer

  • User Experience Designer

  • Visual Designer

  • User Experience (UX) designer

  • User interface (UI) designer

  • Production Artist

Salaries of Graphic Designers In Pakistan

The estimated average starting salary for a graphic designer is 50,000 to 60,000 per month in Pakistan. The users who have 3 to 4 years of experience earn from 80,000 to 120,000 per month in Pakistan.

Skills And Learning Outcomes Of BS Graphic Designing

There are following skills which are required in a graphic designing degree program:

  • Creativity. Creativity is a very important thing for graphic designers as they often think of creative different ideas when designing the logos, advertisements, posters or print media that appeal to the clients for different projects.

  • Color theory

  • Typography

  • Drawing skills

  • Problem-solving

  • Attention to detail

  • Consistency

  • Problem solving

  • Always learning

  • Able to take criticism

  • Patience

  • Design Software

  • Design Principles

  • Ideation

  • Creativity

  • Communication skills

  • Visual Communication

  • Problem Solving skills

  • User Experience Design

  • Technology use

Learning outcomes Of graphic designing degree program:
  • Graduates will be able to identify, synthesize and utilize design processes and plan to creatively solve problems of end users.

  • Designers will also be able to address the audiences and contexts by recognizing the factors that determine design processes.

  • The goal of graphic design is to create appealing products that convey the certain information to users in a right way.

  • Graphic Designers focus on layout, branding, typography and the overall principles of design structure.

Related Courses Of BS Graphic Designing

There are some related courses of BS graphic designing program:

  • BS IT

  • BS Computer Science

  • BS Software Engineering

  • BS Artificial Intelligence

  • BS Web Designing

  • BS Data Analysis

  • BS Data Sciences

  • BS Digital Marketing

  • BS Database Management System

Syllabus And Courses Of BS Graphic Designing

1st semester

Courses Credit hours
Drawing I 3
Design Studio- I 3
English-I 3
Introduction to Computer 3
Art History 3
Mathematics Geometry and Drafting 3

2nd semester

Drawing II 3
Design Studio- II 3
English-II 3
World of Photography 3
Introduction to Business 3
Psychology 3

3rd semester

Illustration 3
Fundamentals of Graphics 3
Eng III 3
Marketing 3
Design Chemistry 3
Islamiyat 3

4th semester

Color Theory and Application 3
Design Research 3
Advertising & Public Relation 3
Advanced Graphics 3
Content Management 3
Pak Studies 3

5th semester

Concept and Layout 3
Motion Graphics 3
Principle of Animation 3
Typography and Calligraphy 2
Branding 3
Material and processes 3

6th semester

Professional Practices in Visual Communication Design 3
Entrepreneurship 3
Product and Packaging 3
Interactive Media Design 3
Printing Technologies 3

7th semester

Creativity and Innovative Designs 3
Project Management 3
Web Design 3
FYP -I 3

8th semester

Design Seminar 2
Design Seminar 2
Digital Marketings 2
Augmented Reality 3

Fee Structure Of BS Graphic Designing

Fee structure of some universities for BS graphic designing degree program:

The Islamia University Of Bahawalpur 42,000 per semester
Lahore College For Women University 58,500 per semester
Government College University 72,000 per semeste
University Of The Punjab 28,500 per semester
University Of Sargodha 40,000 per semester

Further Courses After BS Graphic Designing

These are following further courses which a student can pursue after the BS graphic designing degree program.

  • MS IT

  • MS Computer Science

  • MS Software Engineering

  • MS Web Designing

  • MS Artificial Intelligence

  • MS Web Designing

  • MS Cyber Security

  • MS Data Analysis

  • MS Data Sciences

  • MS Digital Marketing

  • Masters of Arts

  • Masters in Graphic Designing

  • Masters of science in Computer Application Technology

  • MS Database Management System

  • PhD in computer science

  • PhD in artificial intelligence

  • PhD in digital marketing

  • PhD in cyber security

  • PHD in Graphic Designing

    The doctoral degree in graphic designing is the highest degree in this field. Students of this program can choose many computer related jobs and also choose to work in research or teaching positions.

    Admission Process And Eligibility Criteria Of BS Graphic Designing

    • The admission process for applying in BS graphic designing is very simple. Students can apply online via the official desired university by login web portal.

    • Applicants are also informed to fill out a form with all necessary information along with all academic record documents. Also attach photocopies of all important documents with the application form.

    • Also pay the fee challan in the mentioned bank branch.

    • Submit the application successfully and verify correct information via email.

    Eligibility criteria:

    Students must have at least 50% marks (2nd division) in intermediate or have an A level (IBCC equivalence certificate is required or an equivalent qualification.

    Some universities also take admission tests or entry test NAT or any university test.

    Top Colleges And Universities Of Pakistan Of BS Graphic Designing

    There are many colleges and universities of Pakistan which are offering BS graphic designing degree program. These are some top ranked universities are:

    • The Islamia University Of Bahawalpur

    • Government College University Faisalabad

    • Government College University Lahore

    • Government College Women University

    • Government College University

    • Lahore College For Women University

    • University Of The Punjab

    • University Of Sargodha

    • The University Of Faisalabad

    • University Of Sialkot

    • University Of Management And Technology

    • Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan

    • Lahore School Of Fashion Design

    • National College Of Business Administration and Economics

    • Islamabad Institute Of Arts And Applied Sciences

    • Institute Of Art, Design and Management

    • Institute For Art And Culture