Admission Process OF BS Health And Physical Education

Application Submission

  • To apply, prospective students must use the official university admission portal, either online or on paper.

Educational Qualifications

  • The prerequisite for admission is an intermediate degree (F.Sc. or comparable) with a concentration in biology, sports biology, or a closely related subject.

Entrance Test

  • Certain university applicants may require a general aptitude test for physical activity and health and knowledge of pertinent subjects.

Merit-based Selection

  • Merit-based selection frequently takes into account an applicant's performance on the entrance exam as well as their academic standing in the intermediate exams.

Interviews and Physical Fitness Assessment

  • Candidates who made the short list may be contacted for a conversation and physical examination to determine if they are a good fit for the program.

Submission of Documents

  • Documents such as academic transcripts, documents, and identity documents are required of admitted students.

Application Fee

  • Generally, to cover the application processing costs, universities require a reward of an application fee.

Admission offer

  • Those who are accepted receive a binding offer that includes information on the next steps, such as registering and paying the required fees.

Fee Payment and Registration

  • After being accepted, students must pay the necessary tuition and finish the enrollment process within the allotted time.

Eligibility Criteria OF BS Health And Physical Education

Academic Qualification

Successful completion of the high school diploma (HSSC) or its equivalent with the minimal percentage required by the university, which typically ranges from 45% to 60%.

Subject Requirement

Proficiency in pertinent subjects at the intermediate level, such as biology, exercise science, or sports sciences.

Entrance Examination

A university-specific admissions test that assesses knowledge in pertinent subjects may be required by certain universities.

Physical Fitness

Tests of physical fitness or practical exams may be used by some institutions to determine students' physical fitness levels.


To assess a candidate's interest, drive, and fit for the program, certain universities may hold interviews.

Admission Intake And Entry Test OF BS Health And Physical Education

Admission Intake

  • Universities usually have different admission intakes for different academic programs, such as physical education and BS Health.
  • The university may hold intakes every year, every two years, or in accordance with the academic calendar.
  • To ensure timely lodging of applications, prospective students must remain informed about the organization's admission schedule.

Application Process

  • An online or paper the application will be provided by the university and needs to be filled out in order to proceed with the application process.
  • Transcripts of education, identity documents, and certificates are required for the application process.
  • It's crucial to adhere to application deadlines because inadequate or late submissions may not be accepted.

Entry Test

  • Common prerequisites for admission to the BS in Physical Education and Health include a required entrance exam.
  • The entrance exam evaluates a candidate's aptitude, academic knowledge, and program fit.
  • Subjects covered in tests may include general expertise, pertinent sciences, and subjects connected to physical education.

Preparation for Entry Test

  • In order to improve their chances of getting in, applicants are encouraged to study hard for the interview.
  • Study materials and practice tests may be supplied by the university or available from different places.
  • Furthermore, some colleges offer workshops or courses that can assist applicants become familiar with the arrangement of the exam.

Selection Criteria

  • Entrance exam results, academic standing, and occasionally interviews are used to make admissions decisions.
  • Lists of merit that show which applicants were chosen for admission are released.
  • To be taken into account during the selection process, you must meet the minimum eligibility requirements.

Merit List And Merit Formula OF BS Health And Physical Education

For prospective students seeking an Associate of Science in Physical and Health Education, merit lists are extremely important in the world of higher education. These carefully curated lists, which are produced by universities, highlight candidates' skills and academic achievements and serve a crucial part in the interview process. The selective admissions process is reflected in the merit list, which also highlights the universities' dedication to accepting applicants who possess the skills and drive necessary to succeed in the specialized fields of fitness and wellbeing.

Merit Formula

The formula for merit calculation:

  • Matriculation (SSC or Equivalent) – 10%
  • HSSC/F.Sc (Premedical or Equivalent) – 40%
  • Entrance Test – 50%
  • Marks obtained in SCC or Equivalent/total marks of SSC or Equivalent*1100*0.10=10% of SCC or Equivalent
  • Marks obtained in HSSC or Equivalent/total marks of HSSC or Equivalent*1100*0.40=40% of HSSC or Equivalent
  • Marks obtained in Entrance Test or SAT or MDCAT/total marks of Entrance Test or SAT or MDCAT*1100*0.50=50% of Entrance Test or SAT or MDCAT
  • 10% SSC or Equivalent + 40% HSSC or Equivalent + 50% Admission Test = Aggregate Marks

Aggregate Marks / 1100 * 100 = Aggregate Percentage

Top Colleges and Universities in Pakistan OF BS Health And Physical Education

Master of Science (BS) initiatives in physical education and health are offered by several highly esteemed universities and colleges in Pakistan. These educational establishments emphasize comprehensive strategies for promoting physical health, integrating academic knowledge with hands-on training. Students take courses in pedagogy, anatomy, physiology, and sporting science. These programs strive to produce graduates who are prepared to promote fitness and well-being in educational and civic environments through state-of-the-art facilities and knowledgeable faculty.

Here is the list of top colleges and universities offering BS Health and Physical Education:

  1. Aga Khan University Karachi
  2. Lahore University of Management Science(LUMS)
  3. University of Punjab, Lahore
  4. Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU)
  5. Quiad-e-Azam University (QAU),Islamabad
  6. COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad
  7. SZABIST-Shaheed Zulfiqar Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology, KARACHI
  8. Karachi University, Karachi
  9. Virtual University of Pakistan
  10. Institute of Business Administration(IBA),Karachi
  11. National University of Science and Technology(NUST),Islamabad
  12. Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU),Multan
  13. Forman Christian College, Lahore
  14. Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Science (PIEAS),Islamabad
  15. Government College University(GCU),Lahore