BS History Complete Guide 2024

Bachelor of Science in History inspires historical awareness about the human past. This program provides an in-depth, conceptual, philosophical foundations and critical introduction to the theoretical of the academic discipline of history.

Bachelors in History is the study of change over time and it protects all directions of human society. Political, social, economic, cultural, intellectual, religious, scientific, technological, medical and military developments are all included in the history program.

There are many types of history such as political, intellectual, social, diplomatic, cultural and economic history. History is basically the study of events that happened in the past which are especially related to human affairs.

Majors Or Specializations of BS History

Many arts, humanities and social sciences subjects are good preparation for history degree program including subjects such as English literature, politics, philosophy and economics. There are following major subjects of BS history degree program:

  • English-I

  • Computer

  • Pak studies

  • International relationship

  • Research methodology

  • Introduction to archeology

  • History of Freedom Movement

  • Food Service Management

  • History of World Civilizations

Courses will be offered from the following of specialization depending upon the availability of university faculty:

  • Modern South Asia

  • History of Pakistan

  • Muslim Civilization

  • Pre-modern South Asia

  • European History

  • World History

  • Undergraduate Thesis (Optional)

Duration And Credit Hours Of BS History

BS History is a 4 year degree program comprising of 8 total semesters. Each student for the BS History degree is required to complete successfully the following undergraduate studies which are subdivided into categories such as:

Compulsory courses =51 Credit Hours

General courses =24 Credit Hours

Foundation or core courses=30 Credit Hours

Major courses=39 Credit Hours

Elective courses =12 Credit Hours

Total 132 Credit Hours

For the award of BS history degree program, students must complete a total 132 to 138 credit hours.

Semesters Credit hours
1st semester 17
2nd semester 19
3rd semester 16
4th semester 17
5th semester 17
6th semester 15
7th semester 15
8th semester 15

Scope And Career Of BS History

Graduates with a BS History degree program have a variety of job opportunities in Pakistan. Many pursue careers such a historians, archivists, museum curators and preservationists working to protect and explicate historical artifacts and documents for next generations.

There are a lot of job opportunities in this field that includes:

  • Archaeologist

  • Art historian

  • Cultural heritage officer

  • Economic historian

  • Broadcast journalist

  • Civil Service administrator

  • Editorial assistant

  • Human resources officer

  • Information officer

  • Marketing executive

  • Policy officer

  • Politician's assistant

  • Solicitor

  • Sociologists

  • Writers and authors

  • Geographical historian

  • Museum curator

  • Research office

  • Copy writer

  • Professor

  • Teacher

  • Anthropologist

  • Curators

  • Historical economist

  • Political scientists

  • Academic librarian

  • Archaeologist

  • Public relations manager

  • Teacher

  • Academic researcher

  • Archivist

  • Heritage manager

  • Historic buildings inspector/conservation officer

  • Museum education officer

  • Museum/gallery curator

  • Museum/gallery exhibitions officer

  • Secondary school teacher

  • Librarian

  • Social and human activists

There are some other typical employers include:

  • International development organizations

  • Law firms

  • Management consultancies

  • Retailers

  • Accountancy firms

  • Archive and records offices

  • Banks

  • Charities

  • Higher education institutions

  • Publishing companies

  • Universities

  • Television and radio broadcasters


Majority of the student take-up history program as a major. The starting salary of a fresh graduate starts from 35,000 to 40,000 per month. Professionals having experience 2 to 4 years having starting salaries from 70,0000 to 90,000 in Pakistan.

Skills And Learning Outcomes Of BS History

There are some skills required for a BS history program:

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Oral presentation

  • Critical thinking

  • Research

  • Namely high levels of literacy

  • Assessing Information

Learning outcomes of BS history program:
  • Graduates will be able to analyze the progressive causal relationship of events intelligently.

  • Also able to analyze historical statements logically to verify facts, opinions and exposition and distinguish them from each other.

  • They also have authority to prove or disprove historical statements on grounds of logic and instability or historical errors within the texts or in comparison with other texts.

  • They will also be able to use software for statically and organizational purposes,

  • They will illustrate historical reasoning and problem solving skills.

  • They will collect and analyze data and make conclusions.

  • Have expanded and deepened historical knowledge separately.

  • They will have the ability to pursue higher education in History and other related fields.

  • They will communicate historical knowledge successfully.

  • They also have the ability to perform function professionally and ethically.

Syllabus And Courses Of BS History

1st semester

Courses Credit hours
Library Information Literacy 3
Quantitative Research Methods 3
Applied Cataloguing 4
Collection Development and Management 3
Library Automation System 4

2nd semester

Qualitative Research Methods 3
Library and Information Services in Pakistan 3
Indexing and Abstracting 3
Resource Sharing and Networking 3
Digital Libraries 4
Final Year Project - I 3

3rd semester

Media Librarianship 3
Data Base Design and Management 3
Web Development 3
Final Year Project - II 3
Information Storage and Retrieval 4

4th semester

Introduction to English Literature I (Poetry and drama) 3
Introduction to Computer2 3
English I 3
Introduction to Linguistics 3
islamic Studies 2
Management 3

5th semester

English II (Academic Reading and Writing) 3
Human Rights 3
Phonetics and Phonology 3
Pakistan Studies 2
History of English Literature-I (Medieval to Romantic Times) 3
Classical Drama 3

6th semester

English III (Communication Skills) Arabic 3
Arabic 3
Introduction to Digital Media 3
Introduction to English Literature II (Short Story, Novel and Prose) 3
Visionary Discourse 3

7th semester

Advanced Academic Reading and Writing 3
Marketing 3
Semantics 3
Poetry (14th to 19th Century 3
Morphology and Syntax I 3

8th semester

International Relation 3
Active Citizen Program 3
Discourse Analysis 3
History of English Literature 19th Century Realism to Contemporary Times 3
Modern Drama 3

General courses

Introduction to Usuluddin 3
Introduction to Political Science 3
Introduction to Communications 32
Introduction to Sociology 3
Introduction to Psychology 3
Introduction to Philosophy 3
Introduction to Economics 3
Introduction to International Relations 3

Core courses or foundation courses

History of the Freedom Movement I 3
History of the Freedom Movement II 3
World History I 3
World History II 3
Muslim History to 750 AD 3
Muslim History 750 to 950 AD 3
Introduction to Historiography & Philosophy of History 3
Political History of Pakistan II 3
Social History of Pakistan: Seminar 3
Political History of Pakistan I 3

Related Courses of BS History

  • BS Pakistan studies

  • BS Behavior studies

  • BS Geography

  • BS General history

Fee Structure Of BS History

Fee structure of some private and public universities for BS History degree program:

The Islamia University Of Bahawalpur 40,200 per semester
Government College University , Faisalabad 44,500 per semester
University Of Gujrat 72,000 per semester
Women University Azad Jammu and Kashmir 45,000 per semester
International Islamic University 78,000 per semester
Government College University, Lahore 52,400 per semester
Lahore College For Women University, Lahore 47,600 per semester
National University Of Modern Languages, Islamabad 43,000 per semester
Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan 40,200 per semester
University Of The Punjab 30,000 per semester
The Women University, multan 46,000 per semester

Further Courses After BS History

  • MS Pakistan studies

  • MS Behavior studies

  • MS Development studies

  • MS Geography

  • MS General history

  • PHD in History

  • PhD in Pakistan studies

Admission Process And Eligibility Criteria Of BS History

The admission for BS History in any college or university is not complicated.

  • Students can also apply by visiting campus of university and submitting documents in related departments as well.

  • Students can also apply online through the official website of that university. They are informed to fill the application form available on the web portal and login this form.

  • Add all important and required correct personal and academic information.

  • Also attach copies of all previous academic record.

  • Also attach passport size photo and photocopy of ID card.

  • Also pay the mentioned fee via challan in any bank branch.

  • Submit the application successfully and confirm via mentioned email or SMS.

Admission Requirements For BS History program

Students must have Intermediate (12 years of education) with a minimum 50% marks + Interview or FA, FSc, I.Com, ICS, A-Levels or equivalent qualification. Some universities also require 50% in the NAT or university admission test.

Admission Criteria:

Admission on merit will be determined through this following criteria.

Academic Qualification=40%

Admission Test=60%


Academic Qualification=50%

Admission Test=50%

The eligibility criteria of each university is different.

Top Colleges And Universities In Pakistan For BS History

There are many colleges and universities in Pakistan which are offering BS history degree program. There some reputed universities are:

  • Women University Azad Jammu and Kashmir

  • Government College University, Faisalabad

  • University Of Gujrat

  • International Islamic University

  • National University Of Modern Languages, Islamabad

  • Quaid-e-azam University

  • University Of Karachi

  • Government College University, Lahore

  • Lahore College For Women University

  • University Of Education

  • University Of The Punjab

  • Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan

  • The Women University

  • University Of Azad Jammu and Kashmir

  • Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad

  • University Of Okara

  • Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University

  • Minhaj university, Lahore

  • University of Sargodha

  • University of Peshawar

  • Lahore University of Management Sciences

  • University of Science and Technology, Bannu

  • Foundation University Islamabad

  • Lahore School of Economics

  • Virtual University of Pakistan

  • National College of Arts