BS Interior Design

The discipline of interior design is diverse and combines practical functionality and artistic flair to create environments that influence our living and working spaces. Students enrolled in the Master of Science in the Interior Design system will graduate with a thorough understanding of spatial dynamics, aesthetic sensibilities, and design principles. The subtleties of the theory of color, designing furniture, lighting, and arrangement of spaces are explored by students with an emphasis on creating aesthetically pleasing and useful environments.

Another area of emphasis in the curriculum is how to better prepare pupils for the challenges that the interior design industry faces today through the incorporation of creativity and sustainable methods into the field. Aspiring interior designers can transform spaces into aesthetically pleasing, useful, and socially appropriate settings by combining classroom instruction with practical experience. Students who complete this degree program will be equipped to enter profitable fields where they can improve the quality of life for everyone in the community and have an impact on the built environment.

Major Or Specialization Of BS Interior Design

  1. Residential Interior Design
  2. Commercial Interior Design
  3. Retail Space Design
  4. Hospitality Design
  5. Sustainable Design
  6. Healthcare Design
  7. Exhibition and Museum Design
  8. Set Design for Film and Television
  9. Workshop Design
  10. Lighting Design
  11. Furniture Design
  12. Textile and Materials in Interior Design
  13. Universal Design/Inclusive Design
  14. Kitchen and Bath Design
  15. Historic Preservation and Restoration
  16. Corporate Interior Design
  17. Educational Facilities Design
  18. Color Theory and Application
  19. Environmental Psychology in Design
  20. 3D Visualization and Rendering

Duration And Credit Hours Of BS Interior Design

In Pakistan, a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Interior Design requires 120–136 credit hours and is typically completed in four years. Giving students a solid understanding of interior design principles, aesthetic considerations, and spatial planning is the aim of this program. Throughout the four years of the program, pupils study theoretical material and practical studio projects to improve their skills in creating living environments that are both attractive and functional.

The subjects covered in the credit hours include professional practices, lighting design, the creation of furniture, materials and finishes, and design fundamentals. Furthermore, internships and hands-on training are common ways for students to obtain hands-on expertise in the field. The program is designed to give graduates the skills and information they need to pursue lucrative careers in Pakistan's dynamic and developing interior design industry.

Scope and Career Of BS Interior Design

A bachelor's degree in interior design from Pakistan provides a stimulating opportunity for those who want to explore the artistic and practical facets of spatial aesthetics. Numerous prestigious universities around the nation offer extensive Interior Design programs that give students a combination of academic understanding as well as practical skills. Furthermore, the incorporation of regional and cultural influences into the curriculum guarantees that graduates are adequately equipped to meet the unique requirements of the Pakistani development sector.

Career Opportunities

  1. Interior Designer
  2. Architectural Consultant
  3. Furniture Designer
  4. Exhibition Designer
  5. Retail Space Planner
  6. Set Designer
  7. Lighting Designer
  8. Project Manager
  9. Design Educator
  10. Visual Merchandiser
  11. Design Researcher
  12. Sustainable Design Consultant
  13. Corporate Interior Designing
  14. Event Planner
  15. Home Staging Specialist
  16. CAD Technician
  17. Design Journalist
  18. Product Designer
  19. Hospitality Interior Designer
  20. Freelance Design Consultant

Skills And Learning Outcomes Of BS Interior Design


  1. Space Planning
  2. Color Theory
  3. Furniture Design
  4. Architectural Drawing
  5. Interior Lighting Design
  6. Material Selection and Application
  7. 3D Modeling and Rendering
  8. Project Management
  9. Sustainable Design
  10. Presentation and Communication Skills

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate your understanding of the fundamental concepts and design principles that apply to interior design.
  2. To create aesthetically pleasing and useful spaces, apply your knowledge of spatial planning and interior design.
  3. Use a range of instruments and gadgets to interact with design concepts efficiently.
  4. Gain expertise in designing environmentally conscious and sustainable interior spaces.
  5. Utilize analytical reasoning and problem-solving techniques to tackle design obstacles.
  6. Exhibit proficient communication and presentation abilities when presenting design concepts to stakeholders and clients.
  7. Work together with experts in related fields to incorporate different viewpoints into design solutions.
  8. When practicing interior design, act morally and professionally while taking cultural, social, and financial aspects into account.

Syllabus And Course Of BS Interior Design

1st Semester Courses

Credit Hours Course
3(3-0) English Reading and Writing 1
2(2-0) Pakistan Studies
3(1-2) Studio:1 Fundamentals of Design
3(1-2) 2D Digital Design
3(2-1) History of Interior Architecture of Ancient Civilization
3 Choose from the list
1 Quran Studies

2nd Semester Courses

Credit Hours Course
3(3-0) English Reading and Writing 2
3(2-1) Computer and Information Literacy
3(1-2) Studio 2: Scale Drawing
3(1-2) 3D Design
3(1-2) Ethnography and Design
3 Choose from the list
1 Quran Studies

3rd Semester Courses

Credit Hours Course
3(3-0) Business Communication Skills
2(2-0) Islamic Studies OR Ethics
3(2-1) Interior Space Designing
3(1-2) Studio 3: Perspective Drawing
3 Choose from the list
3 Choose from the list
1 Quran Studies

4th Semester Courses

Credit Hours Course
3(3-0) Soft Skills and Emotional Intelligence
3(3-0) Fundamentals of Research and Statistics
3(2-1) History of Interior Architecture of Pakistan
3(0-3) Studio 4: Perspective Drawing
3 Choose from the list
3 Choose from the list
1 Quran Studies

5th Semester Courses

Credit Hours Course
3(3-0) Methods of Research in Interior Design
3 Choose from the list
3(1-2) Studio 5: Interior Design Project
3(1-2) Studio 6: Light Theory
3(1-2) Product + Lighting Design
1 Quran Studies

6th Semester Courses

Credit Hours Course
3(1-2) Sustainability; Space and Material 1
3(1-2) Studio 7: Designing for Special Needs
3(2-1) Studio 8: Color Theory
3(1-2) Landscape Design
3 Internship
1 Quran Studies

7th Semester Courses

Credit Hours Course
3 Thesis or Historical Overview of Architecture in Lahore
3(2-1) Sustainability; Space and Material 2
3(1-3) Studio 8: Community Project Design and Cost Analysis
3(0-3) Housing Needs
3(1-2) History of Interior Architecture of Subcontinent
1 Quran Studies

8th Semester Courses

Credit Hours Course
3(3-0) Thesis or Furniture or Furnishing
3(3-0) Studio 9: Interior Design Project
3(1-3) Studio 10: Community Project Executive
3(2-1) Environmental Management
3(3-0) Entrepreneurship and Marketing
1 Quran Studies

Related Courses Of BS Interior Design

These are following related courses of BS Pakistan studies such as:

  1. Designing Interior Design Studio
  2. Manufacturing Interior Design Studio Building Drawing and Drafting
  3. Environmental Psychology
  4. Interior Design History
  5. Interior Design Materials and Finishes
  6. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Lighting Design for Interior Design
  7. Design Principles for Sustainability
  8. Interior Design Professional Practices

Further Courses After BS Interior Design

These are following further courses which the students can peruse after completing the BS interior design program:

  1. MS in Interior Architecture
  2. MS in Furniture Design
  3. MS in Sustainable Design
  4. MS in Urban Design
  5. MS in Exhibition Design
  6. MS in Lighting Design
  7. MS in Textile Design for Interiors
  8. MS in Environmental Design
  9. MS in Historic Preservation
  10. MS in Design Management

Fee Structure Of BS Interior Design

Here is fee structure of some public and private universities of Pakistan:

Institution Semester Cost Additional Notes
National College of Arts (NCA), Lahore 91,291 Per semester
Beaconhouse National University (BNU), Lahore 276,775 Per semester
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad 134,200 Per semester
Indus Valley School of Arts and Architecture, Karachi 14,100 Per credit hour
University of the Punjab, Lahore 30,000 Per semester
Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design (PIFD), Lahore 165,000 Per semester
Institute of Art and Culture, Lahore 184,000 Per semester
Preston University, Lahore 567,400 For 4 years