BS Mechatronics Engineering Complete Guide 2024

The Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics Engineering is a 4 year degree program which integrates, computer and controls engineering, mechanical, electrical to understand automated machinery and how to plan it and how to make it projects

Mechatronics engineering technologists use a composition of mechanical, electrical, computer and software skills to work with advance technologies, like robots, automated systems and computer integrated fabricated equipment.

Mechatronics is an materialize field that focuses on mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer engineering to plan, design, build and execute programs. Mechatronics Engineering VS Mechanical Engineering Mechatronics Engineering concentrates on the design of electro-mechanical apparatus fluctuating from wide ranging automated manufacturing systems to micro-scale detectors and apparatus. Mechanical Engineering gives wide premises in all aspects of mechanical design such as mechanics, control, power and manufacturing.

Majors Or Specializations Of BS Mechatronics Engineering

There are following specializations of mechatronics engineering:

  • Management Sciences

  • Software engineering

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Biomechanics

  • Robotics

  • Digital control systems

  • Automation

  • Instrumentation

Duration And Credit Hours Of BS Mechatronics Engineering

The duration of BS mechatronics engineering is 2 years and semester wise credit hours are distributed as:

Semesters Credit hours
1st semester 16
2nd semester 19
3rd semester 19
4th semester 19
5th semester 20
6th semester 21
7th semester 16
8th semester 9

Scope And Career Of BS Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics engineering has a wide scope in national and international level. Robotics finds application in automotive services, designing of bio-medical equipment, nuclear science, sea exploration, servicing of electric signal transmission and many more. Having a mechatronics engineering degree, graduates can work in important fields of robotics such as design, manufacturing, safety, production and quality. This degree program provides the vital knowledge to enter into the mechatronics industries such as:

  • Mechatronics Engineer

  • Industrial Engineer

  • Testing Engineer

  • Integration Engineer

  • Project Coordinator

  • Applications Engineer

  • Engineering Consultant

  • Robotics Engineer

  • Technician

  • Automation Engineer

  • Control system Design Engineer

  • Troubleshooting Engineer

  • Electronics Design Engineer

  • Mechanical Design Engineer

  • Data Scientist

  • Big Data Analyst

  • Instrumentation Engineer

  • Designing Technologist

  • Applied Mechanics Technician

  • Safety Subject Matter Expert

  • Innovation Manager

There are many companies in which mechatronics engineers can work. Mechatronics engineers also work in various industries such as:

  • Cyber security companies

  • Aerospace companies

  • Telecommunications companies

  • Computer science software houses

  • Automotive engineering companies

  • Robotics companies

  • Chemical companies

  • Artificial intelligence companies

  • Consumer products and packaging companies

Salaries of Mechatronics Engineers

An entry level mechatronics engineer with 1 to 3 years of experience earns an average salary of 150,000. In this way, a senior level mechatronics engineer with 8 years of experience earns a salary of 2,00000.

Skills And Learning Outcomes Of BS Mechatronics Engineering

After complete the mechatronics engineering, graduates will need the following skill sets in career.

  • Team Work

  • Attention to Detail

  • Communication Skill

  • Strong Analytical Skill

Program Learning Outcomes Of Mechatronic Engineering are as follows:

Engineering Knowledge

Graduates have an ability to apply an understating of mathematics, science and an engineering specialization to the solution of compound engineering problems.


they will be able to apply moral principles and perform to professional ethics and responsibilities of engineering operation.

Individual Work and Teamwork

they have an ability to work productively, as an independent or in a team, in multifarious and or integrative settings.

Communication skills

They also have an ability to communicate efficiently, orally as well as in writing, on complicated engineering activities with the engineering community such as being able to penetrate and write effective reports and design documentation, functional presentations and give and receive concise instructions.

Project Management

They also have an ability to illustrate management skills and apply engineering fundamentals to individual work, or lead a team to manage multiple projects in an associative environment.

Syllabus And Courses Of BS Mechatronics Engineering

1st semester

  • Calculus and Analytic Geometry 3

  • Applied Physics 3

  • Communication Skills 3

  • Electric Circuits 3

  • Workshop Practice 2

  • Islamic Studies 2

2nd semester

  • ODEs and Linear Algebra 3

  • Engineering Statics 3

  • Computer Programing 3

  • Engineering Drawing 2

  • Technical Report Writing 3

  • Pakistan Studies 2

  • Network Analysis 3

3rd semester

  • Vector Calculus 3

  • Engineering Dynamics 3

  • Electronics Devices and Circuits 4

  • Materials and Manufacturing Processes 3

  • Digital Logic Design 3

  • Data Structures and Object Oriented Programing 3

4th semester

  • Electronic Circuits Design 4

  • Complex Variables and Transforms 3

  • Mechanics of Materials 3

  • Thermodynamics 3

  • Social Sciences Electives 2

  • Electromechanical Systems 3

5th semester

  • Numerical Methods 3

  • Theory of Machines 3

  • Microcontroller Based Design 4

  • Transducers and Instrumentation 4

  • Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics and Pneumatics 4

  • Mechanical Vibrations 2

6th semester

  • Mechatronics Systems Design 4

  • Probability and Statistics 3

  • Design of Machine Elements and CAD/CAM 3

  • Control Systems 3

  • Power Electronics 4

  • Engineering Economics 3

7th semester

  • Robotics 4

  • Engineering Elective I 3

  • Industrial Automation 3

  • Senior Design Project 3

  • Management Sciences Elective 3

8th semester

  • Heat Transfer 3

  • Engineering Elective II 3

  • Senior Design Project 3

List of Electives Subjects

Digital Image Processing 3
Fuzzy Logic 3
Digital Control Systems 3
Digital Signal Processing 3
Mechanical Vibrations 3
Laser and Its Applications 3
Electric Instrumentation 3
Power Plant Engineering 3
Applied Robotics 3
Elements of Business 3
Special Topics In Mechatronics 3
Renewable Energy Technologies 3
Internal Combustion Engine 3
Procurement Management 3
Electro Optics and Infra-Red Systems 3
Industrial Electronics 3
Computer Aided Engineering 3
Automotive Technology 3
Power Train Systems 3
Mechatronics Modeling for Automotive Systems 3

Related Courses Of BS Mechatronics Engineering

There are many related courses of mechatronics engineering.

  • Automotive Engineering

  • Control System Engineering

  • Data Logging Engineering

  • Instrumentation Engineering

  • Project Engineering

  • Software Engineering

  • Systems Engineering

  • Service Engineering

  • Robotics Engineering

  • Automation Engineering

  • Control system design and troubleshooting Engineering

  • Electronics design Engineering

  • Mechanical design Engineering

Fee Structure Of BS Mechatronics Engineering

Fee structure of some universities for BS mechatronics engineering:

Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute Of Science and Technology 178,000 per semester
University Of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar 52,000 per semester
Karachi Institute Of Economics and Technology 120,000 per semester
University Of Wah 192,000 per semester
College Of Electrical And Mechanical Engineering 200,000 per semester

Further Courses After BS Mechatronics Engineering

  • Masters in Systems Engineering

  • Masters in Mechatronics

  • MS in Design and Management of the Industry

  • Masters in Mechanical Engineering

  • Masters in Electrical Engineering

  • Masters in Mechanical Engineering

  • Masters in Software Engineering

  • PhD in Mechatronics Engineering

  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering

  • PhD in Electrical Engineering