MS Education Complete Guide 2024

The Master of Education is a postgraduate 2 year degree program offered by many public and private universities. This program is related to a Master of Science and Master of Arts.

In a Master of Education degree program, students will get advanced knowledge of didactics, classroom management; child development and schedule management among other related programs.MS Education program encourage students to focus on various areas of education, such as:

  • Childhood education

  • Leadership

  • Reading

  • Higher education

  • Counseling

  • English

  • Design technology

  • Curriculum and instruction

There are also many types of master’s degree programs in education

  • Masters in Curriculum and Instruction

  • Master of science in Environmental Science Education

  • Master of science in Mathematics Education

  • Master of science in Music Education

  • Masters in Science Education

  • Masters in Secondary Education

  • Master of science in Educational Technology

  • Master of science in English Education

Majors And Specializations Of MS Education

These are following majors of MS Education and the areas of specialization:

  • Educational Leadership and Management

  • ICT in Education

  • Educational Psychology

  • Sociology of Education

Educational Leadership and Management

  • Literacy and Adult Education

  • Educational Assessment

  • Educational Technology

  • Early Childhood Education

  • Secondary and Higher Education

  • Science and Mathematics Education

Duration And Credit Hours Of MS Education

A master’s degree in education takes 2 years to complete the program. This program consists of a total of 30 credit hours in which 6 credit hours for research and 15 credit hours for mandatory courses and 9 credit hours for 3 specialization courses and 3 for noncredit courses.

Mfil Education and MS Education

These both degree programs are the same and awarded after completion of minimum 30 credit hours..

Scope And Career Of MS Education

MS Education degree holder can get jobs in following areas:

  • Online learning director

  • Head Master

  • Education Consultant

  • Educational Specialist

  • Home Tutor

  • Online Tutor

  • Academy Teacher

  • Career Counselor

  • Administrator

  • Education Writer

  • Activities Trainer

  • Special Education Teacher

  • IT Teacher

  • Coordinator

  • Educational Reporter

  • Researcher

  • Counselor

  • Educational Policy Maker

  • Lecturer

  • Arts Teacher

  • Science Teacher

  • Child Psychologist

  • Instructional Expert

  • Web Writer

  • Entrepreneur

  • Journalist

  • Educational Trainer

  • Master Trainer

  • Principal

  • District Administrator

  • Sports Instructor

  • Corporate Trainer

  • Educational Policy Analyst or Developer

  • Higher Education

  • Educational Director at a Museum or Nonprofit

  • Childcare Director

  • English teacher in Primary and Elementary schools

Employment Areas For MS Education

  • Government Schools

  • Kindergartens

  • Government Colleges

  • Private Schools

  • Education Department

  • Public Universities

  • Private Colleges

  • Vocational Training Institutes

  • Research Institutes

  • Print and Electronic Media

  • Private Universities

  • Educational Websites

  • Consultancies

  • Educational Publishers

  • Academies

  • Special Education Institutes

  • Home Tutor Providing Services

Skills And Learning Outcomes Of MS Education

  • They will be able to become independent academic researchers who are able to perform research according to worldwide standards.

  • To prepare students with strong experiential, systematic, composite and evaluation skills.

  • They will be able to obtain and expand practical skills needed for implementation of research.

  • To progress and apply knowledge, skills and point of view needed in the field of education.

  • To evaluate educational policies and suggested educational practices.

  • To present current behavioral science research approaches to speculate and avert educational problems.

  • To allow them to contribute in international debates.

  • To prepare them for consolidation of professionalism in the education field of work.

  • To permit them to get thorough knowledge.

Syllabus And Courses Of MS Education

Core Courses

Research Methodology 1
Foundations of Education 3
Computer Application in Education 3
Critical Analysis of Education in Pakistan 3
Educational Technology 3

Elective Courses

Comparative Perspective of Higher Education 3
Educational Assessment and Evaluation 3
Curriculum Development and Instruction 3
Early Childhood Education 3
Educational Testing and Test Development 3
Special Education 3
Economics of Education 3
Professionalism in Education 3
Sociology of Education 3
Educational Planning and Management 3
Educational Psychology 3


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