LLB (Bachelor Of Legislative Law ) Complete Guide 2024

LLB is typically the abbreviation for the bachelor of legislative law. LLB is a 3 year degree which provides professional training in the field of law. The 3 year LLB program is pursued by students having a bachelor’s degree. Students after passing intermediate and clearing the entrance exam can take admission to 3 year law course. A Law degree program is mandatory for students who wish to become a professional lawyer.

The 5 year LLB curriculum is the combination of BA and LLB degree programs which provides to increase value and consistency in the legal region. Students who complete this degree can get professional training in law that is demanding.

3 Year LLB VS 5 year LLB

The 3 year LLB degree program focuses on different aspects of law study as well as the Pakistan constitution. This degree program prepares the students in practicing law or implementing as legal trainers in the corporate sectors. The 5 year LLB program focuses on basic bachelor level law courses apart from core law education.

Majors Or Specializations Of LLB

Students can choose the specializations in law according to their interests and understanding. The whole law study is expanded over the subjects mentioned below in which they can choose:

  • Jurisprudence

  • Islamic Jurisprudence

  • Constitutional Law

  • Law of Contract

  • Law of Torts

  • Qanun-e-Shahadat (1984)

  • Criminal Law

  • Law of Equity and Relief Act

  • Administrative Laws

  • Company Law

  • Muslim Personal Laws

  • Majority Act 1875

  • The Arbitration Act 1940

  • Law of Transfer of Property

  • Public International Law

  • Constitutional History of Pakistan

  • Medical Jurisprudence

  • Limitation Act

  • Service Tribunal

  • Urban Rent Laws

  • Law of Evidence and Legal Ethics

  • Interpretation of Statue

  • Banking Laws

  • Intellectual Property Laws

Duration And Credit Hours Of LLB

Duration= 5 Years consists 10 semesters

Duration= 3 Years consists 6 semesters

Students are required to obtain a bachelor of laws LLB degree from a recognized institute. This program typically takes 5 years to complete. A LLB is approved by the Pakistan Bar Council and Higher Education Commission.

There are a minimum 142 credit hours required to complete a 5 year LLB degree program.

Scope And Career Of LLB

LLB is playing an important role in Pakistan, students who want to serve in the Judiciary. Also, like other professional degrees engineering and MBBS, this degree is also professional and preferred and has prestige and recognition in Pakistan. So, there is a scope of LLB courses that leads to the success of its graduates.

The higher education commission and the Bar council in Pakistan encourage colleges and universities that offer the law degree programs in which applicants can enroll and take on their career in Pakistan’s Legal law profession.

  • Advocate

  • Government Services

  • Legal Advisor

  • Judiciary

  • Teaching

  • Teaching

  • Legal Outsourcing

  • Private Companies

  • Higher Education

  • Arbitrator

  • Barrister

  • Barrister's clerk

  • Chartered legal executive

  • Company secretary

  • Costs lawyer

  • Licensed conveyance

  • Paralegal

  • Attorney at Law

  • Judicial Magistrate

  • Assistant Advocate General

  • Lecturer in Law College

  • Legal Adviser

  • Court Reporter

  • Additional District and Sessions Judge

  • Public Prosecutor

  • Attorney General

  • Advocate General

  • Investigation Police

  • FIA

  • Law Branch of Different Departments

  • Excise and Taxation Inspector

  • Investigation Agencies

  • Research Associate

  • Business Law Adviser

Salaries of LLB in Pakistan

Jobs and salaries of LLB in Pakistan depend on experience and specialization, the average salary package starts at 30,000 per month and go up to 200,000 per month having 3 to 4 years experience. Having a LLB degree opens a gateway to various job opportunities.

Skills And Learning Outcomes Of LLB

  • Attention to detail

  • Communication

  • Teamwork

  • Information analysis and research

  • Creative problem solving

  • Resilience and self-confidence

  • The ability to work under pressure

  • Initiative

Learning Outcomes Of LLB
  • They will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the imaginary frameworks, bureaucratic rules, and key areas of substantial law.

  • They will be able to demonstrate the ability to attract effective written and oral communication in the legal context.

  • Illustrate proficiency in legal inspection and reasoning, legal research, and problem-solving skills.

  • Encourage the development of a professional specification and illustrate the ability to exercise suitable professional and ethical responsibilities to clients and the legal system.

  • They will also be able to demonstrate an awareness and understanding of diversity competency, the impact of prejudice and intolerance in the law, and the responsibility of lawyers to improve access to justice for all sections of society.

Syllabus And Courses Of LLB

1st semester

Courses Credit hours
Pakistan Studies 2
Introduction to Sociology 3
Fundamentals of Economics 3
Introduction to Law 3
Skills Development 3

2nd semester

Ethics or Islamic Studies 2
English-II 3
Principles of Political Science 3
Legal System of Pakistan 3
History of South Asia 3
Law of Torts- I 3

3rd semester

English-III 3
Islamic Jurisprudence-I 3
Introduction to Logic and Reasoning 3
Law of Contract-I 3
Law of Torts- II 3
Constitutional Law 3

4th semester

Constitutional Law-II (US) 3
Human Rights Law 3
Islamic Jurisprudence-II 3
Law of Contract-II 3
Introduction to Psychology 3

5th semester

Constitutional Law-III (Pakistan) 3
Jurisprudence-I 3
Islamic Personal Law-I 3
Law of Property 3
Criminal Law-I 3

6th semester

Law of Business Organization 3
Jurisprudence-II 3
Land Laws 3
Criminal Law-II 3
Islamic Personal Law-II 3

7th semester

Public International Law-I 3
Civil Procedure-I 3
Law of Evidence-I 3
Constitutional Developments in Pakistan 3
Criminal Procedure-I 3
Legal Drafting-I 3

8th semester

Public International Law-II 3
Criminal Procedure-II 3
Civil Procedure-II 3
Equity and Specific Relief 3
Law of Evidence-II 3
Legal Drafting-II 3

9th semester

Moot Cases and Role Playing 3
Minor Acts 3
Research Methods 3
Elective-I 3
Elective-II 3

10th semester

Interpretation of Statutes and Legislative Drafting 3
Administrative Law 3
Research Project 3
Elective-IV 3
Elective-V 3

There are following courses which are offered as electives:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Competition

  • Corporate Governance

  • Intellectual Property

  • International Trade

  • Multinational Enterprises

  • Negotiation

  • Project Finance

  • Transnational Commercial Law

Related Courses Of LLB

  • Economics and law

  • Economics and politics

  • BA Criminology

  • BA Social Work

  • BA Criminology

  • BA Social Work

Fee Structure Of LLB

Some universities fee structure for LLB

Government College University 60,000
University Of Gujrat 72,000
Quaid-e-azam University 70,000
University Of Sindh 50,000
University Of Karachi 74,000
International Islamic University 132,000
Gomal University 42,000

Further Courses After LLB

Listed below are some of the master’s courses after LLB:

  • LLM

  • MA in Public Administration

  • MA Political Science

  • MA Sociology

  • MA History

  • MA Psychology

  • MA Criminology

  • MA Social Work

  • MBA

  • Masters of Business Law

  • MA Education

  • MA in HR Management

  • Masters in Management Sciences