Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Sargodha

All the candidates of the BISE Sargodha Board are welcome here. The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education "BISE" Sargodha is responsible for administering the annual & supplementary exams every year. Pakistan’s educational board BISE Sargodha is in charge of holding secondary (9th and 10th grade) and intermediate (11th and 12th grade) exams in the Sargodha Division.

The Sargodha Board was established in 1968. Several districts come under the Sargodha such as Sargodha, Khushab, Mianwali, and Bhakkar. After conducting the annual exams, the Board announces the final result.

By reading this entire page, you will get to know about the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th class exams, their results, date sheet announcement updates, roll number and much more. All the content is related to the BISE Sargodha Board. So, keep reading for more information.

Functions of Sargodha Board:

Some of the main functions of the Board are mentioned below.

  • Its main function is to conduct the intermediate and secondary examinations in its jurisdiction
  • The Board registers students every year for examinations.
  • It is affiliated with a number of educational institutions and it conducts the exams for all the SSC and HSSC groups.
  • The Board issues the certificates and mark sheets to all passed candidates.

Quick Facts on the Sargodha Board

We have included all the pertinent details of the Board in the table below. These contact details will help you in contacting directly with the Board.

Board Sargodha
Chairman of the Board MR. Muhammad Ajmal Bhatti
Phone number (048) 3250041
Email Address
Address of the Board Near 49-Tail, Defence View Housing Society, Sargodha, Punjab 40100

Exam Registrations for 9th Class

The process by which students sign up for the Board's examination every year is known as exam registration. Students must download their exam registration forms and submit the payments to take the exam. When Sargodha board exam registration opens, the Board posts the notification on the official website of the Sargodha Board

Students must enroll or register to take the exam. To register for the exam, you must have to apply online, provide personal information, select the exam or exams you wish to take, and pay the required fees in the Bank.

How to Register in the 9th Class from the Sargodha Board?

The school and particular board where you registered determine your Sargodha Board registration. You can verify the registration procedure through your institution or on the Board's website. Students must submit the necessary paperwork requested by their institution in order to register. You must submit the online application form along with the required costs to the bank if you wish to apply privately on your own.

For your convenience, we have outlined the complete process here in case you wish to apply for online registration. You can apply by following the instructions provided here. When the admission notification will be available, we will notify you.

  • Check the Notification from the official website of the Sargodha Board.
  • Gather all your essential documents for the registration process (Those documents include the passport size photographs, academic record of your studies, and B form)
  • Log in to your account by entering the username and password. After that click on login button.
  • Download the BISE Sargodha registration form from the official website of the Board.
  • Fill the entire form carefully as per the given instructions.
  • Then you have to attach the required documents to the application form.
  • Pay the BISE Sargodha registration fee in the bank with the Sargodha Board's mentioned instructions.
  • You will receive your roll number slip when the registration process is done.

Registration Fee of Class 9th

Students who want to enroll in class 9th and register themselves in Sargodha Board have to submit PKR 1000/. The BISE Sargodha registration form must be filled out before appearing for the admission. When the registration begins by the official Board, the notification will be available on the Board’s website. Stay in touch with us to get the most up-to-date information.

Cancellation of 9th Class Registration

If you want to cancel a BISE Sargodha registration form, you have to follow the procedure that is stated by the Sargodha Board. There may be deadlines for the cancellation of the registration form.

Date Sheets of Sargodha Board 2024

The BISE Sargodha Board has released the date sheet for all the matric & intermediate groups on the timetable that it has given. All the students of Sargodha Board received their date sheets from their respective schools on schedule for their exams. The Sargodha board date sheet for every class is typically released one month prior to the start of exams. All of the information about the exam dates and papers is available on the date sheet. The date sheet primarily aims to inform students about their final test preparation. Our website provides all the details regarding the date sheet and exam dates. Keep reading the page for more details.

BISE Sargodha Date Sheet 9th Class

Date Sheet Status: Not Declared

The Sargodha Board released the date sheet of the 9th class exams for the 2024 session. All the students of BISE Sargodha Board appeared in the exams as per the schedule. The 9th class date sheet of the Sargodha board 1st annual exams and the 2nd annual exams can be verified from the Board’s website. Students can also download the date sheets if they want to check it later.

  • Date Sheet Releasing Date for 2nd annual exams: 11 September 2024
  • Exam Date for 2nd annual exams: 26 September 2024

BISE Sargodha Date Sheet 10th Class

Date Sheet Status: Not Declared

All the students of class 10th appeared in the final exams for the session 2024. The date sheet for the final term exams was declared on its schedule. The Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education BISE Sargodha also released the date sheet for the supply exams. Those who could not pass in the 1st annual exams appeared in the 2nd annual exams from Sargodha Board. Here we also mentioned the dates of releasing the date sheet by the Board.

  • Date Sheet Releasing Date for 2nd annual exams: 11 September 2024
  • Exam Date for 2nd annual exams: 15 September 2024

BISE Sargodha Date Sheet 11th Class

Date Sheet Status: Not Declared

When the 11 class date sheet 2024 Sargodha board is announced, there are a number of options available for final paper preparation. You must thoroughly prepare the material in accordance with the syllabus if you want to do well on your exams and want to succeed. Additionally, begin studying for the subject in which you are weak and believe on your struggle. Always keep in mind that previous exams'

sample papers are the best source of preparation for every student. To get more updates, read the page.

  • Date Sheet Releasing Date for 2nd annual exams: 17 October 2024
  • Exam Date for 2nd annual exams: 01 November 2024

BISE Sargodha Date Sheet 12th Class

Date Sheet Status: Not Declared

The date sheets of each class are released on the schedule. The final exams are administered by the BISE Sargodha Board on time. The 12th class date sheet for the Sargodha Board was made public for the annual and supplementary exams on the Board’s website. Students can get their date sheets by visiting the Board's official website

  • Date Sheet Releasing Date for 2nd annual exams: 11 September 2024
  • Exam Date for 2nd annual exams: 20 October 2024

Updates on Roll Number Slips of SSC & HSSC

Every year, the students who enrolled with the Sargodha Board are given a roll number slip by their institutes. The roll number slips for each class are declared by the Sargodha Board on its specific schedule. You can also download the Sargodha Board roll no slips from the Board's website. The roll number slips for all Sargodha Board for SSC and HSSC students are available for download on the Board's official website. You can get the details on roll no slips of your class from our website After downloading your roll no slips, you can find out the exam center and roll number with the aid of the roll number slip.

BISE Sargodha Board Roll Number Slip 9th Class

Every student of 9th grade can obtain their BISE Sargodha board roll number slip from their particular institution. Every student's roll number slip is sent to their respective institutes by the BISE Sargodha Board. Your institute is responsible for distributing the date sheet on time. For all students, the roll no slips are crucial. On the day of the exam, you must show up in the examination hall with your original roll no slips. Stay in touch for more updates.

BISE Sargodha Roll Number Slip 10th Class

All the students of class 10th who joined Matric from the Sargodha Board are welcome to this page. You will be informed about the roll no slips of annual and supplementary exams for all sessions from this page. With regard to the most recent information on your roll no slips, you are informed that the Board has declared it. You are able to examine them via the official website. From the website of the Sargodha Board, you can also download the BISE Sargodha board 10th class roll no slips.

BISE Sargodha Roll Number Slip 11th Class

One of the most important documents for students who registered for the exam is the roll number slip. Roll slips for all 11th class students are available one week prior to the final papers. All of the pertinent exam-related information, the paper schedule, and the roll number are provided on the roll number slip. You can go to the website to download the 11th class roll number slips for the Sargodha board.

BISE Sargodha Roll Number Slip 12th Class

To obtain your roll no slips of class 12th, you must go to the Sargodha Board's official website. When the Board announces the roll no slips of all groups of HSSC part 2, it will be posted to the official website. The roll no slips become accessible on the website. You can get your upcoming exams-related information from us.

Latest Updates on BISE Sargodha Results for 2024

After the final exams are administered, the Sargodha Board releases the results of every class. The result of class 12th can be verified by putting the roll no on the Board’s website. When the result is declared, it can be also be checked from various ways. However, it is to be noted that the result for the 2024 session have been announced for all classes. Here on this page, you will be able to check out the dates of releasing the final result. Keep reading the page to get more updates.

BISE Sargodha Result 9th Class

Result Status: Not Announced

The Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education BISE Sargodha has announced the result. The 9th class result Sargodha Board 2024 is now available on the Board’s website. After the conduction of final exams, the Board released the result. The process of rechecking exams was also completed prior to the announcement of results. Those who cleared the papers are now promoted to the next level. The 9th class result of 2024 was made public by the Sargodha Board on 22 August 2024. If you still have not checked it, hurry up! Visit the website and put your roll number to verify it.

BISE Sargodha Result 10th Class

Result Status: Not Announced

If you are here to get the details information on Sargodha Board 10th class result 2024 then you've come to the right page. Students who are looking for the Sargodha Board 10th Class result are informed that the result has been announced. The official authorities of the Sargodha Board published the result on 18 November 2024. Prior to the day of the results announcement, the names of toppers students were announced. You can check your results right now on the Sargodha Board's official website. You can verify the outcome by roll number, name, SMS, and gazette.

BISE Sargodha Result 11th Class

Result Status: Not Announced

All the 11th Class students are notified that the Sargodha Board declared the final result for the 2024 session. The Board announces the result on 10 October 2024. Your result is available on the official website. It is imperative that students keep in mind that the Board announces the outcomes of every group on the same day. Students of Computer Science, Arts, and Medical groups can check their results on the same day when the Board declares it. The students who passed the final result were promoted to the 12th class.

BISE Sargodha Result 12th Class

Result Status: Not Announced

The BISE Sargodha Board 2024 results for the 12th grade are now available on the website. Exams for the 12th class were taken by a large number of students from several groups, including F.A., FSc., I.Com., and ICS. After the conduction of exams, the Board prepared the result. All those students who were anxiously waiting for the result are informed that it was announced on 13th September 2024. By accessing the official website, you can confirm your 12th class results.

NOC Form of BISE Sargodha Board

The term "NOC" refers to a document that the students must submit in order to transfer from one academic institution to another under the Punjab Board. Students are expected to get the NOC form and submit it to the institution by the deadline specified by the institute. Furthermore, your institute will ask about the requirement for the Sargodha Board noc form.

Online NOC of Sargodha Board

The option for downloading the NOC is also available. You can get the form by visiting the official website of the Sargodha Board. In order to download the form, go to the “Download” option on the website. Complete the online NOC form and send it to your educational institution. You will be registered in the other Board after the submission.

Online Challan Form

The Sargodha Board website has the link to the online challan form. If students would like to apply for admission, they can download the form by visiting the website. Before applying online, make sure to check the option first if it is available by the Board or not. In this way, it will be easier for you to apply online by sitting at your home.

Affiliations of Sargodha Board

The Sargodha Board is connected to a number of institutions under its jurisdiction. Before enrolling in any of the institutes, check its affiliation with the Sargodha Board. You can check the affiliated schools and colleges online. Remember that the Sargodha Board only enrolls those candidates from the institutes that comes under in its jurisdiction.

Frequently Asked Questions

When the Sargodha Board declare the 10th class result 2024?

The Sargodha Board declares the 10th class result 2024 on 18th November.

What are the total marks of Intermediate result in the Sargodha Board?

The total marks of the Intermediate result in the Sargodha Board are 1100.

Does the inter part 1 and 2 result announced by the Sargodha Board for 2024?

Yes, the inter part 1 and 2 result were announced by the Sargodha Board for 2024.

What is the offline process to confirm the outcome?

Students can use SMS as an offline method of finding their results. All you have to do is text your roll number to the Board's code. You can access your result in fifteen minutes after sending it.

What are the registration fees for admission at Sargodha Board?

The registration fees for admission at Sargodha Board are PKR 1000/.