Universities in karachi

Being the largest city of Pakistan Karachi is also playing a vital role in building standards in the higher education system. Karachi has many prestigious and well- known universities including both public and private educational institutions which aim to provide the quality of education with a good rank in the country which offers the best courses like, medical, engineering, Computer sciences, information technology, etc to create a better and progressive future of our country.

After completing intermediate education from Karachi best colleges students can take admission in Karachi best universities according to their desired degrees. There are around a total of 42 universities in Karachi that provide higher education with the literacy rate in Karachi estimated to be 79% every year dozens of students enroll themselves in universities of Karachi. These universities are supported by the federal government of Pakistan and the provincial government of Sindh.

Public or Government Universities in Karachi

Karachi has one of the country's oldest engineering institutes that is NED University of Engineering and Technology and the University of Karachi which is Pakistan’s largest university with 24000 students. Apart from that there are many other public universities in Karachi which are affordable and have many other convenient privileges for students. The public universities of Karachi associated with Higher education commission promises to upgrade the Universities and Colleges to make sure that they provide every student the quality of education, research based knowledge, and educational development. If you are looking to find some of the good government universities in Karachi you are in the right place. You can view the top universities of Karachi list on superstudy.pk page.

Private Universities in the City of Karachi

Private universities are relatively expensive then public universities but they provide top-notch education along with many other facilities to their students. Sometimes students often get confused while choosing the top private universities in Karachi, as there are many top ranked private universities in Karachi specially categorized for specific programs like Aga Khan University for medical and IBA (Institute of Business Administration) for Business studies. Discover the top officially recognized Private colleges and universities of Karachi Pakistan ranked by the year 2024 and 2024.