Top Universities in Malakand

Malakand District is a District in Malakand division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan. Though there are not many universities in Malakand District to provide higher education but less more. There are limited universities in Malakand which offer undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in various academic disciplines with good quality of education and have excellent academic knowledge and record. Thus the literacy rate in the city is approximately 61 percent, but still the city is represented by 10 universities of Public and private both sectors like Government Post Graduate College Dargai Malakand and Riphah International College Dargai etc.

Public or Government Universities in Malakand

Though when we talk about the public universities then one name of universities which is the most highlighted University of the city is University of Malakand,Chakdara considered as one of the top public universities in Chakdara, Pakistan. It is ranked at number 106 in Asian University Rankings which offers multiple disciplinary programs for undergraduate and Masters students . The Public universities ensure the study to facilitate their education at less cost. One more benefit to study in government universities are the scholarships. Public universities provide aid and scholarships to the needy students who meet the eligibility criteria of the university.

Hence the decision is totally up to students to choose their educational institution according to their feasibility and reliability to secure their future with the best opportunity they can avail by studying at their desired institute.

Universities Name Location Contact No Sector No of Students Established
University of Malakand Chakdara, Lower Dir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 18800 (0945) 920555 Government 4,016 2001

Private Universities in Malakand District

Studying in a private University is more expensive than public universities but students who could not mark their seats at government universities due to low merit or any other reason can pursue their degrees from Private sector universities. The educational bodies and authorities of private universities are contributing their best role in the education sector in Malakand and trying their best to offer various educational courses and programs for the students who are located in the Malakand region. Riphah International College Dargai Malakand campus is a popular private sector university in Malakand district.

Universities Name Location Contact No Sector No of Students Established
Riphah International University Malakand Campus Dir - Malakand Rd, Chakdara, Lower Dir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (0945) 761244 Private - -

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