Universities in Multan

Multan is one of Pakistan’s main cities, and has many top-notch higher education institutes which offer the quality of education and premium education. Multan is well known for its academic institutions, especially when it comes to both private and public universities, to avail higher education. Multan is ranked number 7 in Pakistan when we talk about the number of universities providing quality of education. The city is one of the literate cities in Pakistan. Because of its educated population, this city is moving faster towards development and advancement. The higher education in Multan is gaining recognition day by day and that is why Multan has become an excellent choice for those seeking knowledge and opportunity.

Higher education institutions in Multan are hubs of innovation and research. The higher education system of the city Multan is represented by around 8 top universities, which offers around 161 study programs which includes 92 Bachelor (undergraduate programs) at universities, 68 Master degree programs in 4 universities out of these 8 and 1 PhD program at one university.

Government or Public universities in Multan

Students prefer to get enrolled themselves in Government universities due to its affordability and surety of degree’s affiliation and when we talk about the government or public universities of Multan the first university which pops up in mind is Bahauddin Zakariya University which is located in Multan, Pakistan. It is the largest university of South Punjab. Other than that there are more government institutes. It's up to candidates to choose a better university for themselves.

Private universities of Multan.

Studying in private universities is one of the best things because of many reasons like small class sizes and the engaging communication system and lively learning environment that comes with it. When we talk about private universities of Multan many universities come to mind but one is the institute of Southern Punjab which is a private university, the institution offers both arts and engineering majors available at the institute. The university is approved by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and then there is PIET university which is one of Multan’s most prestigious private universities.