Universities in Peshawar

Peshawar is the most prominent city of province Khyber Pashtun Khawan and is considered as the largest and the capital city of KPK, and when we talk about higher education institutes then the city Peshawar has many prestigious, future oriented and unique institutions who are committed to achieve excellence in the undergraduate and graduate education for every student. Not only from the city but students all over Pakistan come to Peshawar to pursue their higher studies especially in the field of medical.

Peshawar is the sixth most populous city of Pakistan, and there are around 24 to 30 universities offering 384 study programs in Peshawar. The city also has the premium and separate universities specially for women. In both sectors public and private, it totally depends on candidates what they want to choose for their future to secure their career.

Government or Public Universities in the City of Peshawar

As we all know that Peshawar is known as the hub of education and cultural activities. And when we talk about government and public universities of Peshawar Islamia university is one of the oldest and most evergreen institute of Pakistan and then there are many more public institutions like University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar, Khyber Medical University, University of Agriculture, Peshawar and many more. The purpose of public universities is to provide affordable fees with a good education system. It depends on the student which institute he or she wants to choose to secure their future.

Private Universities in Peshawar City.

The mission and aim of the private universities in Peshawar is to offer the quality of education and enhance the quality of your future by providing skilled human resources and result oriented research. There are many best private universities in Peshawar like National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, City University of Science and Information Technology and The Sarhad University of Science and Information and Technology. Though studying in private universities could be expensive as compared to public institutions, still studying in private universities can be a good and beneficial option for students.