Universities in Lahore

Lahore is the education hub of not just the Punjab province but also the whole of Pakistan due to the fact the it welcomes students from all over the country. Being the 2nd largest city, it also offers ample social as well as academic related activities on campus and off-campus on various venues across the city.

Talking of the major universities in Lahore, you cannot ignore the oldest university in Pakistan which is Punjab University Lahore which was established in 1882. Along with that there are scores of other public funded as well as private sector universities in every discipline from engineering to arts and management to religious studies.

Public/Government Universities in Lahore

There are around 20 universities operating in Lahore which are government funded. These are considered the major universities due to their bigger range of courses and the large number of students. These universities offer better quality of education and charge little fees due to government funding. However, getting admission to these universities can be challenging due to high competition.

Private Universities in Lahore

Due to immense demand of programs and courses by millions of students, the private sector is also very active in Lahore region attracting students from Lahore and nearby cities. There are more than 30 private sector universities that offer courses in all major disciplines. The average fee of an undergraduate program ranges from Rs. 500,000 to over 2 million Pakistani rupees for a duration of 4-year course.