BS Anesthesia Technology Complete Guide 2024

Anesthesia professionals are allied medical care specialists with a thorough understanding of anesthetic treatments, equipment, products, and modern technology that assist with carrying out and observing anesthesia. The four-year BS Anesthesia course is designed to ensure students with strong clinical knowledge while enlightening and preparing them for professionals in anesthetic care. These students will certainly be qualified to assist in medical care. Furthermore, students will be able to enhance modern technology research and optimize patient safety and security through advanced training in one of the most recent modern technologies.

Top Institutions for BS Anesthesia Technology

Top Institutions to acquire admission in BS Anesthesia Technology includes the following.

  1. Superior University
  2. Sarhad University of Science & Information Technology
  3. University of Lahore
  4. Rehman Medical Institute
  5. School of Health Sciences, Peshawar
  6. Gomal University
  7. Khyber Medical University
  8. The University of Faisalabad
  9. City University Of Science & Information Technology
  10. Iqra National University

Eligibility Criteria

To avail admission for BS in Anesthesia Technology, candidates are required to have an intermediate or equivalent education with a minimum of 50% marks. Further, different universities might include an entry test or an interview session to confirm admission.

BS Anesthesia Technology Admission Process

The admission process for BS in Anesthesia Technology is simple. Candidates who have attained intermediate or equivalent education can apply at their desired university. There are a number of universities that now offer a BS in Anesthesia Technology. The admission process includes an application form with mandatory requirements for every student. Furthermore, candidates are required to fall within the merit criteria to acquire admission to the respective university.

BS Anesthesia Technology Admission Deadline

Universities display its admission schedule which include admission dates, entry test dates, interview, and admission deadline. The admission process usually last for a month or so depending upon the university you apply to. You can check the admission deadlines for BS in Anesthesia Technology on the official website of the particular university.

BS Anesthesia Technology Study Duration

The degree duration of BS in Anesthesia Technology is four years that is spread over to eight semesters.

BS Anesthesia Technology Fee Structure

The fee structure for BS in Anesthesia Technology varies among public and private institutes of Pakistan. The fee structure for Public sector institutes is usually lower than the private institutes.



Fee Structure

University of Faisalabad


Rs. 990,000/-

Superior University


Rs. 872,000/-

Career Opportunities after BS Anesthesia Technology

After completing BS in Anesthesia Technology, graduates can work at the following.

  • Government Hospitals
  • At Private Hospitals
  • Nursing Hospitals
  • Clinical coordinators
  • Diagnostic radiology