DPT Complete Guide for Students 2024

After the completion of intermediate, there are different medical fields in which the students can take admission and DPT is one of them. Doctor of physiotherapy is the academic field is related to muscular treatment. It is the field associated with the treatment of the injuries such as physical injury. The people deprived of physical movements can get treatment from a physiotherapist. The candidates that are looking to get the information about the DPT program are informed that they can get the details by going through this portal. To facilitate the students the particulars such as DPT scope, jobs, salary, subjects, universities offering DPT degree have been provided so that the students can check them without any inconvenience. So go through the available details and choose the field according to the interest. 

DPT Eligibility Criteria

To get admission in a DPT degree the students have to meet the following DPT eligibility criteria. It is mandatory for the students to fall in the mentioned criteria and the main eligibilities for doctor of physiotherapy DPT admissions in Pakistan are as follows

  • The candidates must have done matric and intermediate with science subjects that include physics, chemistry, English, and biology.
  • The candidates are required to pass the subjects with at least 50% marks.
  • The students that want to get trained under some clinics and hospitals should have a BSc degree. 

Doctor Of Physiotherapy DPT Scope In Pakistan

As far as the DPT scope in Pakistan is concerned, the candidates can get numerous job opportunities. The student after completing the degree can do the job in the different physical therapy centers, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers. Furthermore, the scope of the DPT job is not limited and due to its good scope, the DPT degree can be chosen by the students. 

Doctor Of Physiotherapy DPT Jobs In Pakistan

The field of doctor of physiotherapy is getting famous among the students and many candidates prefer to choose this domain after the completion of intermediate. There are various career opportunities for the candidates to have a successful professional life. The candidates can also do the specialization to get more experienced. Following are some of the employment areas for the students of doctor of physiotherapy and the candidates can select from the mentioned DPT jobs in Pakistan.

  • Therapy Consultant
  • Sports Trainer
  • Customer Care Specialist
  • Osteopath
  • Rehabilitation Expert
  • Educational Centers
  • Mental Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Private Clinics
  • Medical Establishments
  • Mentally Retarded Centers
  • Centers for Handpicked People

Doctor Of Physiotherapy Salary In Pakistan

After the completion of the DPT degree, a fresher can earn about Rs. 40,000/- to Rs. 50, 000/- per month. Moreover, the doctor of physiotherapy salary in Pakistan also depends on the job experience and the institute from where the candidate has obtained the degree.

Doctor Of Physiotherapy DPT Subjects In Pakistan

DPT is a five years degree program in which the students have to study various subjects. The candidates who are going to take admission in DPT have to complete the provided course of study. Some of the major DPT subjects are listed down below. 

  • Cardiopulmonary
  • Neurological.
  • Pediatric
  • Electrotherapy
  • Exercise Therapy
  • Anatomy
  • Orientation To Physiotherapy
  • Integumentary
  • Ethics, Supervision and Administration
  • Integrated Seminars and PBL Sessions
  • Orthopedics & Grammatology

Doctor Of Physiotherapy DPT Offering Universities In Pakistan:

There are a number of DPT universities in Pakistan in which candidates can take admission. It is pertinent to mention here that the universities affiliated with the Pakistan Physical Therapy Council (PPTC) can only grant the DPT degree. Some of the universities recognized with PPTC are mentioned below. 

  • Liaquat University Of Medical And Health Sciences
  • Dow University Of Health Sciences
  • The University Of Faisalabad
  • Isra University
  • Riphah International University
  • King Edward Medical University / Mio Hospital
  • University Of Punjab
  • Khyber Medical University
  • University Of Balochistan
  • University Of Sargodha
  • Shifa Tameer-e-millet University
  • Baqai Medical University/hospital
  • Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Dewan University
  • Zia-ud-din Medical University

DPT Fee Structure

The DPT fee structure varies for each university so the candidates are required to check the fee schedule of public and private universities to get to learn about the fee range. The information regarding the DPT fee of some of the universities is mentioned below in the table. 

Universities Fee
Government College University 87000
Liaquat University Of Medical And Health Sciences 100000
Dow University Of Health Sciences 103000
King Edward Medical University / Mio Hospital 54000
Khyber Medical University 80000
University Of Balochistan 21120
University Of Sargodha 74220
The University Of Faisalabad 196000
Isra University/hospital 250000
Riphah International University 389596
Shifa Tameer-e-millat University 290000
Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Dewan University 146000
Zia-ud-din Medical University 173000
The Superior University 228000


What are the specializations degrees after DPT?

There are various specializations degrees that candidates can do after the completion of the DPT degree program. Some of the higher education options that students can pursue in Pakistan are MSc in Physical Therapy (2 Years), MS in Physical Therapy (Neurology-2 Years), and M. Phil in Physiotherapy (2 Years). 

Can a student join Pak Army after DPT?

There are various jobs offered by the armed forces to which the students with DPT degree can apply. The students have to look for a job opportunity in the Military Rehabilitation Centers or CMH. 

Which is a better career option DPT or Pharm D?

Many people usually ponder on this question after the completion of intermediate that which career option is widely preferred and must be chosen. DPT and Pharm D are two different domains and candidates can select among them depending upon their interest. In Pharm D the students learn about the details related to the medicine while DPT is associated with the knowledge of muscle therapy. 

Is DPT better than MBBS?

Doctor of physiotherapy is not equivalent to the BDS or MBBS but it the same level medical program in which the students can take admission after intermediate. The DPT degree holders are not eligible to apply for the physician and surgeon jobs but can do the specialization in their respective are. There is a wide range of job opportunities for DPT and its scope is good.