BDS Complete Guide for Students 2024

BDS stands for Bachelor of Dental Surgery. It is a five year undergraduate degree in dentistry in which the students can be enrolled after FSC. A dentist diagnoses and treats the teeth related diseases. Dentistry field relates to teeth, mouth, jaws and gums. Dental surgery is the important medical course. The students which are interesting in this field or want to be a dental surgeon choose this degree program. BDS is equally difficult and equally easy as MBBS. This course is challenging as you should have the patience, hard-working attitude in the study and then you have to deal with your patients. You have to handle your patient carefully. You need a lot of patience to deal the patient suffering with different teeth related diseases.

Scope of BDS

Those students who want to be a dental surgeon choose the BDS program. Dental surgeon is a good career. It has great importance in medical field. This degree offers a good job.BDS and MBBS both are the good degrees. After the completion of this degree, you have the title of dental surgeon. It is considered as the noble profession in Pakistan. This is specifically the study of teeth, jaws and gums related disorders. Scope of BDS is very high in Pakistan.

Eligibility Criteria To Take Admission In BDS

It informed to all the students who want to take admission in 5 year BDS program that every university or college has different merit. It is although mandatory for the students to score best marks in MDCAT. MDCAT is important for both MBBS and BDS and there is a slightly difference in their merits. The eligibility criteria for BDS are given below:

  • Minimum (65%) sixty five percent marks in FSC pre-medical / (HSSC) or A-level examination are required.
  • Minimum 60% (120/200) marks in National MDCAT 2024 also required.
  • There is no minimum and maximum age limit for BDS.
  • The additional points are also given to those students who passed HAFIZ E QURAN test.

Range of Subjects Studied During BDS

During the study of BDS five year undergraduate degree program, the students have to study different subjects.  Some of the subjects of BDS are given below:

  • General Human Anatomy including Histology and Embryology.
  • Oral histology and Dental Anatomy.
  • General Human Physiology and Biochemistry, Nutrition and Dietetics.
  • Dental material
  • General and Dental Therapeutics and Pharmacology.
  • Oral Microbiology and Oral Pathology.
  • General Medicine and General Surgery.
  • Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics.
  • Periodontology.
  • Public Health Dentistry.

Fee Structure Of Different Universities for BDS

The fee of BDS is different for public and private sector which is given below:

For Public Sector Dental Colleges Fee:

Sr. BDS Degree program Public sector fee Amount
1 Annual Tuition Fee (Fee Range) Rs. 20,000-40,000(on average)Rs.30,000
2 Admission fee one time Rs.500-2,000
3 Prospectus fee Rs. 500-1,000


The same fee for BDS and MBBS both has defined by PMC for rules and regulations that are the same for BDS and MBBS. The fee for private colleges is given below:

Fee for Admission in Private Dental Colleges on Local Seats:

Sr. BDS Fee in Private Sector Amount
1 Tuition fee including university affiliation fee per year, examination fee or administrative fee or Academic fee Rs. 950,000 (Not Exceeding)
2 Admission fee one time Rs. 50,000
3 Prospectus fee Rs. 3,000


Fee for admission on overseas /foreign seats in Private Dental Colleges:

Sr. BDS Fee in Private Sector Amount
1 Tuition fee including university affiliation fee per year, Academic or administrative fee or examination fee $ 18,000 (Not Exceeding)
2 Admission fee one time Rs. 50,000
3 Prospectus fee Rs. 3,000


Admission Procedure of BDS:

  1. The admission process starts in public sector/Medical/ Dental colleges after the announcement of higher secondary school certificate (HSSC) Part 2 result by all the intermediate and secondary education boards in Punjab.
  2. The National MDCAT is conducted by PMC (Pakistan Medical Commission) throughout the Pakistan and then the admission process of BDS is done by the UHS (University of health sciences).
  3. UHS provides the application form for the eligible students, open merit, reserved seats, under- developed districts, disabled, reciprocal seats and the overseas children or dual nationality holders.
  4. The merit is based on same things for BDS as for MBBS given by PMC and is based on the aggregate percentage of the candidate. The merit formula  for BDS is given below:


              Matriculation (SSC)       _10%

              FSC/HSSC or equivalent       _40%

              Entry test/NMDCAT/SAT II_50%


  1. For the calculation of merit, formula is given below:

Marks obtained in (SSC/Equivalent) x 1100 x 0.10=10% of SSC/ Equivalent.


Marks obtained in (HSSC/Equivalent) x 1100 x 0.40=40% of HSSC/Equivalent.

Marks obtained in Entry test /SAT II / NMDCAT x 1100 x 0.50 = 50% of test.


10% SSC/ Equivalent +40% HSSC/Equivalent + 50%Admission test =Aggregate marks

Aggregate Marks x 100= Aggregate Percentage


Requirements for Registration:

If you fall in merit category, you have to apply for BDS and submit the admission form and also have to select where you apply on open merit seats or quota base and also have to fulfill all the requirements for admission. After you are selected by UHS and come on the merit, you have to register yourself and pay fee to make sure your seat. If you don’t show any response to respective university or you don’t pay your fee then your seat will be given to next candidate that falls on the merit. There is a time given to you for the registration. Following are some instructions given to you for BDS registration process 2024:

If you are selected, then you have to submit all original documents including Matric, F.Sc, Character certificate and domicile etc., when you are selected for interview/ admission in the medical/dental colleges. The signature, thumb expression and attested copies of all the documents of candidates are taken by concerned college committee. These original documents are returned to the students, only in case:

  • After the completion of MBBS/BDS education.
  • If in case the admission of the student is cancelled due to bogus documents, the original documents are not returned to the candidate.


Is National MDCAT necessary for BDS?


In order to get admission in BDS, the National MDCAT must to give for any Public or Private sector Medical / Dental colleges. To get admission in BDS or MBBS, the National MDCAT is compulsory. There is also an alternative test SAT II for getting admission in BDS. However the entry test must be required for BDS. Those students who dream to be a dental surgeon must be given the entry test and have to pass this test for come on the merit. So, the entry test is mandatory for securing admission in BDS.

Which Medical/Dental colleges or universities offer BDS?

Public Dental Colleges:


Province College Name City
PUNJAB Dental Section, Army Medical College Rawalpindi
PUNJAB Dental Section, Punjab Medical College Faisalabad
PUNJAB Institute of Dentistry, Nishtar Medical College Multan
PUNJAB School of Dentistry, Shaheed  Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University Islamabad
BALOUCHISTAN Dental Section, Bolan Medical College Quetta
KPK Bacha Khan Dental College Mardan
KPK Dental college,Ayub Medical College Abbottabad
KPK Khyber College of Dentistry Peshawar


What is the merit of BDS in Pakistan?

The BDS merit remains close to the MBBS merit. There’s a slightly different between MBBS and BDS merit. Last year its merit for King Edward Medical University was closed at 94.2045.For Allama Iqbal Medical College it was 93.5000. Its minimum merit was 91.5455 for DG Khan Medical College, D.G khan. The closing merit for BDS is 91.7455 (Public Sector).

Is it compulsory to do internship after the completion of BDS degree?

During the study of BDS, the students are studied the 1st four years and the 5th year is of internship. Internship is mandatory after the completion of BDS degree. At the time of admission, the students agree with the terms and condition for whole five year in which the internship after completion of BDS is also included.

Is BDS is easier than MBBS?

Both MBBS and BDS are equally easy and equally difficult. BDS is not much easy subject, it requires hard work.

Is BDS a good field?

BDS is a good field. Most of the students choose this field as they are interested in it. Those student who failed to get admission in MBBS by some points, take admission in BDS if they fall in merit. BDS is a good field that offers good jobs.

Is BDS equivalent to MBBS?

BDS and MBBS both are five year degree programs. In BDS, the student deals with specifically the teeth, gums and oral cavity etc. while in MBBS, the students study the all other disorders. Both degrees are of greatest importance.

What does a BDS do?

The one who does BDS (bachelor of dental surgery) is called as dental doctor or dental surgeon. A BDS deals with the teeth, jaws, gums, oral cavity and diseases related these. A BDS diagnoses teeth related disorders are cure them.