ICOM Complete Guide 2024

ICom stands for Intermediate In Commerce. The ICom program is a 2 year Higher Secondary School Education program. Students who have completed their Secondary School Education are eligible to get enrolled in ICom. ICom education in Pakistan enables the youth to get finance, business, commerce, and account positions in the future. This education is available in almost all colleges in the country. The reason why students enroll in this program is the ICom scope in Pakistan. With the already established banking systems and a great business setup, the new age is bringing more opportunities in the field of commerce. The frontiers of eCommerce, quantum finance, mobile banking, and many other developments call for more professionals in commerce. ICom education in Pakistan trains students to get higher education in commerce and lead the country. We at IlmKiDunya.com are providing you all the information about ICom on this page.

ICom Eligibility Criteria

Getting enrolled in the ICom program is not difficult. If you have cleared your matriculation exams, chances are that you can get enrolled in almost every government and a private college. But here are some requirements of ICom admission that you must know:

  • A student must have secured 45% marks in matriculation exams.
  • The applicant must be a resident of Pakistan.
  • No candidate can take admission in ICom without CNIC/B-form issued by NADRA.
  • The student must show their character certificate from their previous educational institute.

If you comply with the above-given conditions, you can easily get enrolled in the ICom program. No entrance test is taken in any college in Pakistan to give admission to the ICom program.

ICom Program Admission Process

Colleges in Pakistan have laid out simple guidelines for ICom admissions to help the students. Keep in mind that the admission process varies from institution to institution. Here are the guidelines you have to follow to get admission to the ICom program:

  • Apply for the ICom program as soon as the matric result is disclosed.
  • Provide your correct credentials on the admission form.
  • Give a copy of your CNIC/B-form with your ICom admission form.
  • Attach a copy of your Secondary School Certificate at the time of admission.
  • Provide your passport-sized photograph with blue/white background.
  • Paste the copy of your father’s ID card on the admission form.
  • Pay your college fee if your name is on the ICom merit list as soon as possible.
  • Appear in the interview for ICom program admission with your original documents.

Congratulations on getting enrolled in the ICom program in Pakistan! Now it’s time to buy your books and get a new uniform, a great journey awaits you!

ICom Subjects

Most students want to find out about ICom subjects part 1 and ICom part 2 subjects before they get enrolled in the ICom program. Checking the contents of the ICom program will help you better understand what you are going to study in the program. Here are the ICom subjects you will study in the 2 years duration

ICom Subjects Part 1

  • Principles of Accounting
  • Principles of Economics
  • Principles of Commerce
  • Business Mathematics
  • English
  • Urdu
  • Islamic Education/Civics

ICom Part 2 Subjects

  • Urdu
  • English
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Principles of Accounting
  • Commercial Geography
  • Computer Studies/Typing/Banking
  • Statistics

ICom total marks are 1100. Both Part 1 and Part 2 exams have a total of 550 marks. Clearing the compulsory subjects is necessary for the students. In case a student fails to clear less than 4 subjects in ICom Part 1, they can reappear in those subjects in ICom Part 2 exams. However, those students who fail in 4 or more than 4 subjects will reappear in all subjects in ICom Part 1 exams without getting enrolled in ICom Part 2. If you have completed your ICom education but you’re not satisfied with the marks you obtained, you can repeat your ICom by reappearing in selective or all subjects.

ICom Colleges In Pakistan

Hundreds of colleges provide ICom education to students all over the country. The merit requirement is higher in government institutions. The reason for high merit in well-known government institutions is the presence of highly-qualified teachers. But the presence of many colleges in a region allows every student to get enrolled in ICom. Many students nowadays choose private colleges to obtain their ICom qualification. The increasing popularity of private colleges comes from the fact that they focus on extensive teaching and examination preparation. The fee of ICom in government colleges is considerably low as compared to private colleges. The government and private colleges are both equally good and it is your choice to get admission in either of them.

ICom Scope In Pakistan

All aspirants of ICom education want to know about ICom scope in Pakistan before they get admission in any college. Students who complete ICom education have a bright career before them. After you complete your ICom education, you can either choose to continue your education or start working in a corporate environment. You can choose from the various program after completing ICom education. Common career options for ICom students include corporate jobs, finance positions, managerial positions, banking jobs, business positions, human resource management, digital business administration, and marketing to name a few. Truth is that there are hundreds of careers available to you after completing your ICom education. ICom scope in Pakistan is as bright as other popular degree programs.

ICom Jobs

Various entry level positions are available to ICom students. You can start working as a junior accountant, HR assistant, cashier, store helper, bookkeeper, Customer support representative, teacher assistant, and various other jobs. But keep in mind that these entry-level posts won’t allow you to grow as an individual and polish your career. The entry-level jobs are meant to help you make some money and learn about the corporate environment. If you want to learn more things about how businesses work and how corporations shape the future of countries, you have to spend much more time in higher education. If you are struggling to finance your education, you can surely work right after completing your ICom education. The best thing to do after ICom is to get enrolled in a bachelor’s program and learn new skills/do part-time jobs.

ICom: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I get enrolled in BSCS, BSSE, or BSIT after completing my ICom education?

A. Every institution does not allow ICom students to study computer programs. You can start your education in any of these programs in selected universities.

Q. Is it possible to study programs that don’t focus on business and commerce?

A. There are various programs besides commerce, finance, and business that you can start after completing your ICom education.

Q. Can I avail government jobs after completing ICom education?

A. You can get government jobs that require intermediate education after ICom but you must complete higher education if you are aiming for better government posts.