NMDCAT Complete Guide 2024

NMDCAT stands for national medical and dental college admission test. It is an entry test for getting admission in medical and dental colleges. National MDCAT is conducted nationwide by Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC).The same entry test is conducted in all of four provinces of Pakistan for the admission in medical and dental colleges. For getting admission in MBBS and BDS, this test is must required. This test is conducted after FSc exams. This test is compulsory for the students who dream to be doctors or dentists. The complete guide of NMDCAT 2024 is available for students on our website super study.

NMDCAT Eligibility Criteria 2024

For getting admission in medical and dental colleges of Pakistan, NMDCAT is mandatory. The eligibility criterion for NMDCAT 2024 is given below:

  • The candidates must have to pass the FSc pre-medical with minimum 60% marks.
  • Dual national Pakistanis, the overseas Pakistanis and foreign national candidates are also eligible for this test. They can give NMDCAT and can apply against open merit seats.
  • The candidates of Punjab province must have domicile of Punjab.

NMDCAT Registration 2024

As NMDCAT is conducted by PMC so, the registration process of NMDCAT 2024 is given by PMC consists of few steps which are given below:

  1. Step 1: Fill your application form with correct credentials.
  2. Step 2: Save your application form
  3. Step 3: Print fee challan form.
  4. Step4: Pay fee in bank and upload paid fee challan form.
  5. Step 5: Final submit your application form.
  6. Step 6: Print your application form and send a signed copy via courier.
  7. Step7: Start your preparation of National MDCAT.

Paper pattern and subjects of NMDCAT

Total marks of NMDCAT are 200.The subjects involved in this test are biology, chemistry, physics and English. This test is consists of MCQs which are asked from these subjects. Each MCQ is of 1 mark and there is no negative marking in NMDCAT.

  • 80 MCQs are asked from Biology
  • 60 MCQs are asked from Chemistry
  • 40 MCQs are asked from Physics
  • 20 MCQs are asked from English.

200 MCQs are asked in NMDCAT. Each question carries 1 mark. The duration of the test is 150 minutes (2hrs and 30 minutes) in which you have to complete your test. The question sheet and answer sheet both are given. Firstly, you have to fill required personal information then you have to fill the bubbles on your answer sheet according to the question sheet. After the completion of the test time, both question and answer sheets are taken from you.

Merit Criteria of National MDCAT

National MDCAT is of 200 marks MCQs type paper. The passing marks of NMDCAT are 60% (120/200 marks).  

  • The percentage of NMDCAT included in the merit for admission is 50%. 40% of FSc and 10% of matric is included in the total merit of admission in medical and dental colleges.
  • The merit formula for checking the percentage of NMDCAT is given below:
  • Marks obtained in NMDCAT  x 50 = 50% of NMDCAT

          Total marks

Documents which you must have to take to your test center:

There are few documents which you must have to take to your test centre for checking. You can’t sit in the test centre if you don’t have these documents during your test. These documents are given below:

  • Your roll number slip is compulsory. Without the roll number slip, you can’t attempt test.
  • Your original CNIC or B-form.
  • Your matric and intermediate result card.

These documents are mandatory for NMDCAT.

Difficulty level in NMDCAT

NMDCAT is an important test for medical students. This test is entirely consists of multiple choice questions. The difficulty (%) of NMDCAT is:

  • Easy (20%)
  • Moderate (50%)
  • Hard (30%)

The technical and the conceptual questions are asked in the National MDCAT. National MDCAT is not much easy and not much difficult but conceptual. You can get full marks if all of your MCQs are correct. There is no negative marking in medical entry test. For getting the good marks in this test, the students have to work hard and clear their concept. You need more practice for performing the best in the NMDCAT. The preparation for this test is utmost important.

Syllabus of NMDCAT

For getting admission in MBBS, NMDCAT has 50% in aggregate marks. There are four portions of NMDCAT syllabus which are Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English. The syllabus of National MDCAT is given by Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC).Link for the NMDCAT syllabus is given below:

Check the syllabus of NMDCAT here:


What is the abbreviation of NMDCAT?

The abbreviation NMDCAT stands for the National Medical and Dental College Admission Test, which is the entry test for medical and dental colleges in Pakistan.

What is NMDCAT?

NMDCAT is an entrance exam for medical students conducted by the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) across all provinces of Pakistan.

Can we get admission in MBBS without giving NMDCAT?

No, admission to MBBS programs requires passing NMDCAT with at least 60% marks.

How many questions are asked in NMDCAT?

NMDCAT consists of 200 multiple-choice questions (MCQs), with each question carrying one mark, making the total marks for NMDCAT 200.

Is NMDCAT an easy test?

NMDCAT is a competitive test comprising technical and conceptual-based MCQs. It is considered moderately difficult, with 30% easy, 50% moderate, and 20% hard questions.

How many times can a candidate appear in the National MDCAT?

There is no limit for appearing in NMDCAT according to the new policy. Candidates can attempt the test as many times as they wish.

Can we prepare for NMDCAT at home?

Yes, candidates can prepare for NMDCAT at home by focusing on their textbooks and engaging in diligent study and practice.

What is the difference between MDCAT and NMDCAT?

MDCAT stood for Medical and Dental College Admission Test and was conducted separately by each province's medical and dental commission. NMDCAT, introduced by the Pakistan Medical Commission in 2024, is a unified medical entry test conducted nationwide.

How many marks are required for passing National MDCAT?

The passing marks for NMDCAT are 60%, which means a candidate must score a minimum of 120 out of 200 marks to pass.

How can we apply for NMDCAT?

Candidates can apply for NMDCAT through the online portal provided by the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) following the application procedure outlined in the NMDCAT advertisement.

What is the syllabus for NMDCAT?

The NMDCAT syllabus includes four major subjects: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and English. Candidates should focus on these subjects for thorough preparation.

Who can give National MDCAT?

Students who have passed FSc pre-medical with at least 60% marks are eligible to appear in NMDCAT, which is mandatory for admission to MBBS or BDS programs.