MA Urdu Complete Guide 2024

At the master level of the study, several study programs are teaching by several universities in Pakistan. Out of the most trendy study programs at the master level, the MA Urdu study program is the one that is a favorite subject by hundreds of students. The reason behind the popularity of the subject is that it comes with the language and literature that is very common to us. Moreover, the MA Urdu degree offers vast knowledge about the history of Urdu literature and language. MA Urdu program consists of poetry, drama, novel, and some other genres that are very interesting to study. Here we have offered students the complete guide that what are study options are available, what is the MA Urdu admission requirements, what is MA Urdu fee structure, and what are the MA Urdu admission application process, etc.

MA Urdu Study Options

Generally, there are two main types or options we can find for MA Urdu studies in Pakistan:

Private MA Urdu Program

Students can find some public sector universities, such as Punjab University, that are offering Private MA Urdu study program. The private study program is, somehow, different than that of the regular study program. Students are offered the general criteria that they are required to get registered for a private program at first and then they submit the admission application before their final exams.

Students do not attend regular classes. Instead of this, they prepare the courses from home or from some private institutes to perform the exams. As compared to the regular study program, the eligibility criteria, the admission requirements, the syllabus, as well as the fee structure all are different for private study programs.

Regular MA Urdu Program

Regular MA Urdu study program is offering by several universities in Pakistan including private as well as public sector universities in Pakistan. For regular studies, students have to go through the admission eligibility criteria that are, somehow, different from various universities. Here we come with the complete consultancy that what are the steps involved in taking admission in the regular studies for the MA Urdu program.

What Is MA Urdu Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria may be different according to the specific admission policies by various universities. However, the general criteria by almost all the universities are the same that are mentioned below

  • Candidates who pass the BA or equivalent program with at least 50 % of marks are eligible.
  • Candidates have to show all the previous academic certificates along with the admission application.
  • Candidates will also submit their identity documents such as B form and CNIC along with their admission application.

What Is MA Urdu Admission Process

For private candidates, the admissions are open once a year and the duration of admission is September or October. On the other hand, the MA Urdu admission process for the regular candidates runs twice a year. Regular candidates go through the semester system and every semester completes within 6 months and after completing every semester, new admission applications are received by almost all the universities.

The mode of admission application may be online or offline that depends upon the policy of the universities. You have to ask your institute whether they are entertaining online applications of offline applications. Here we come with a helpful tip that you have to make sure you are completely meeting the required eligibility criteria, otherwise, your application may be rejected.

Documents Required For Admission

The following are the general required documents for MA Urdu admission application:

  • Attested photocopies of matric or equivalent certificate
  • Attested photocopies of intermediate or equivalent certificate
  • Attested photocopies of BA or equivalent certificate
  • Attested photocopy of CNIC
  • Attested photocopy of guardians CNIC
  • Original No Objection Certificate, NOC from your previous institute.
  • Original hope certificate or equivalency certificate (if required)

What Is MA Urdu Program Deadline

While taking the idea about the MA Urdu study program, this is another major question that comes from the students’ side that what is the MA Urdu admission deadline? Well, for the applicants who are asking about the deadlines we come with the generic idea that the admission application starts in August or September for the winter academic session, whereas, for the summer academic session the admission deadline is February or March.

Students have to keep the idea in mind that the last date may be different from university to university or from study program to study program. So, before going to prepare your admission application you must contact your chosen institutes to get a clear idea about the admission last dates.

MA Urdu Fee Structure

MA Urdu fee structure is different from university to university. The fee structure of the private university is different than that of the public sector universities. However, a general idea is that the semester fee ranges from 10,000 PKR to 30,000 PKR or above.

What Are Career Opportunities After MA Urdu

Before going to get admission to every single subject, students also discuss the benefits and career opportunities that they can get after completing that particular study program. The same case is applied while taking admission in MA Urdu. Well, those who are under ambiguity that whether they have to choose the MA Urdu study program or not and what are the career opportunities they can find, etc. They can get the complete idea that what are the options exist for them. After knowing these options you can easily take the idea whether the study program is a good option for you or not:

Urdu Language Lecturer

One of the amazing opportunities that you can get after completing your MA Urdu degree is the position of lecturer. At the governmental level lots of opportunities you can find to apply for college lecturer and university lecturer.


Translators are required at most of the organizations such as consultancy offices and embassies. So, if you are going to get such a position then you will have a bright career.

Content Creator

Urdu magazines, newspapers, and websites require Urdu content creators and because of the evolving trend of social media and websites, the value of content creators has increased to a large scale.

Other Career Opportunities

At the same time, degree holders can get many other career opportunities including poet, author, proofreader, bilingual telephone operator, and language instructor, etc.

MA Urdu Admission Notifications

The admission session of the universities is almost the same. However, the exact application submission date or deadline may differ from institutes to institutes. Candidates are informed that, for their convenience, they can find the latest MA Urdu admission notifications here on time.