BS Chemisry Complete Guide 2024

BS Chemistry in Pakistan is one of the most popular bachelor’s degrees. The duration of this program is 4-years and it is divided into 8 semesters. Students choose to specialize in their favorite field of chemistry in the 7th and 8th semester. The BS Chemistry Scope and the availability of BS Chemistry jobs in Pakistan makes it attractive for hardworking students as they easily get BS Chemistry jobs after completing their degree. Students who complete this degree become professional chemists by either choosing to work in the chemical industry or by going to graduate schools. Read the BS Chemistry Admission guide right now and find all necessary details for BS Chemistry admission in Pakistan.

BS Chemistry Eligibility Criteria

BS Chemistry eligibility criteria are very strict nowadays. Although the students are required to have at least 60% marks for admission, the merit score required for admission in this program is very high. The common merit formula used to calculate merit score in Pakistani universities is 70% marks in intermediate exams and 30% marks in matriculation exams. Universities usually allow admission based on this merit formula but some institutions conduct entrance tests as well. BS Chemistry eligibility criteria for government colleges is fairly simple as it only admits students based on the marks they obtained in intermediate exams.


BS Chemistry Subjects List In Pakistan

BS Chemistry in Pakistan enables students to perform well in both the research, academic, and job environment. The multitude of skills and a great understanding of the subject matter of chemistry relies on the courses students study in their college/university. Here are the BS Chemistry subjects that are usually taught in Pakistan.

English Urdu Maths Physics Islamiyat Pak Studies
Computer Botany Zoology Physical Chemistry Organic Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry
Biochemistry Enivironmental Chmistry Analytical Chemistry Applied Chemistry Organic Chemistry Lab Inorganic Chemistry Lab

These are the core subjects BS Chemistry subjects list in Pakistan. However, to expand the horizons of their students, some universities in Pakistan also allow students to take elective courses. The freedom for students to choose the subjects they want to read and allowing them to earn credit hours for that specific course enables them to be well versed in both academia and industry.

BS Chemistry Admission In Pakistan

Thousands of students who complete their 12th class education are willing to get admission in this program. However, only selected students to get the chance to study BS Chemistry. The limitation of seats in BS Chemistry in Pakistan has reduced significantly as government colleges are offering admissions in BS Chemistry. The government colleges are working their best to provide quality education as the BS chemistry universities. Here is the process of getting enrolled in this program:

  • Apply as soon as the university/college opens admission for this program.
  • Get to the college/university and fill your form by putting your credentials and attaching your documents.
  • Wait for the merit list to be issued from your college or university.
  • Don’t be late to submit your fees if your name appears on the merit list.
  • Pay your dues and start your education.

BS Chemistry Fee Structure

Students of Pakistan are blessed to get higher education at affordable fees. Considering the career aspects of this program and the opportunities it provides, the fees of this program are very low compared to international institutions. Here’s the common fee structure of BS Chemistry in colleges and universities of Pakistan:

  • Government colleges require around 20,000 rupees fee every year.
  • The per semester fee in government universities is around 35,000 rupees per semester.
  • The fee of BS Chemistry in Pakistan in private universities is around 70,000 rupees per semester.

However, in recent times, the fees of this program have increased in all institutions. This alarming increase has indeed made students concerned about their future. But the students who study in government universities don’t have to worry as there are many public and private scholarships available for students. These scholarships are shaping the future of the country as they enable students to afford their educational expenses.

BS Chemistry Scope in Pakistan

BS Chemistry scope has always been increasing. But with the increase in industries, and the demands of chemicals to produce all sorts of useful things, both government and private institutions are looking for professional chemists. It is important to note here that students either have to enroll in graduate school or work in industries to become professional chemists. The importance of government on environmental protection, medicine, renewable energy, and many such visionary projects has created many new opportunities for BS Chemistry students in Pakistan. BS Chemistry Jobs have increased in recent years as many new industries are getting established in the country. Every major industry requires professional chemists, and it is indeed a great opportunity for new graduates of the chemistry program.

Different Career Options After BS Chemistry

Some students are often not interested in working full time in industries. Such students are always on the look for new opportunities. After completing your BS Chemistry in Pakistan, you can choose the path of education in any government or private institution. There is always a need for passionate teachers who are interested in what they know and are willing to impart education to younger education. You can also down the research path by joining the government institutions for nuclear research. You can also choose the route of research for medicines. On the other hand, if you are interested more in the physical applications of Chemistry, you can join research opportunities in Material sciences and Computer engineering. The sky is the limit when it comes to BS Chemistry Scope in Pakistan.

Frequently Asked Questions About BS Chemistry

Q. Can I get enrolled in BS Chemistry after F.Sc Pre Engineering?

A. Yes, you can study BS Chemistry in Pakistan after completing your F.Sc Pre Engineering education.

Q. Is BS Chemistry offered in government colleges accredited with HEC?

A. Yes, it is accredited with HEC as the government colleges are affiliated with HEC-accredited public universities of Pakistan.

Q. Are there any research opportunities after I complete my BS Chemistry in Pakistan?

A. Yes, there are various opportunities you can avail both inside Pakistan and outside the country.