BS Mathematics Complete Guide 2024

BS Mathematics in Pakistan is a 4-year degree program equivalent to MSc Mathematics. This program consists of 8 semesters. Mathematics is the major branch of sciences that provides a basis for all sciences. Involvement of Physics in Business, Finance, Physics, Computer Science, Electronics, Philosophy, Biology, and various other branches has made it an eminent asset for the development of any country. Upon completion, students of this program develop various skills that enable them to serve in corporations, academia, and research. BS Mathematics scope in Pakistan attracts many students every year to this program. Read this BS Mathematics admission guide by and get prepared to take admission in BS Mathematics in Pakistan.

BS Mathematics Eligibility Criteria

BS Mathematics eligibility criteria in Pakistan is comparatively higher than other programs. Students who have secured at least 60% marks in F.Sc Pre Engineering/ICS can apply for admission. However, universities in Pakistan have high merit for the BS Mathematics program. Most universities make the merit requirement based on 30% marks in Matriculation and 70% marks in Intermediate exams. Premier institutions for BS Mathematics allows students to take admissions who have around 85% cumulative score of both matric and inter exams. Those students who couldn’t take admission in the year they passed their intermediate exam can also take admission to the BS Mathematics program. However, for every late year, 2% of marks will be deducted from the merit score. If a student passed intermediate in 2017 and applies for the program in 2019 will get 4% deduced from their merit score.

BS Mathematics Admission Process

Compared to engineering, computer science, and medical/dental programs, the admission process of BS Mathematics in Pakistan is relatively easy. The merit score of students is calculated based on marks obtained in matric and inter exams. Although some institutions in Pakistan might conduct entrance tests for this program it is not mandatory all over the country. The BS Mathematics admission criteria are:

  • Students will apply for the program after the institution advertises it.
  • The student must have CNIC/B-form or passport issued by the government.
  • The student must comply with the age limit of the institution providing admission.
  • Students will wait for the display of the merit list.
  • The fee will have to be submitted on a given date in case the name of the student appears on the merit list.

Apart from these guidelines, there are several merits and other admission criteria that change by the institution. Therefore, while applying for BS Mathematics in Pakistan in any college/university, make sure that you duly read the eligibility criteria and admission process.

BS Mathematics Subjects

BS Mathematics colleges and universities in Pakistan allow students to choose subjects based on their liking. As the BS Mathematics in Pakistan is equivalent to the Master’s degree, students can choose their specialization subject when they start their 7th semester. Elective subjects make the degree program more inclusive and open future opportunities for students. Here are the BS Mathematics subjects that make the core of the program.


Differential Equations

Linear Algebra



Vectors and Mechanics

Pakistan Studies

Physics Lab



Analytic Geometry

Metric Spaces

Group Theory

Number theory

Complex analysis

Numerical analysis

Set Theory

Functional Analysis


Tensor analysis

Measure Theory

Mathematical Physics

Theory of approximation

Discrete Mathematics


Rings and Fields

Abstract algebra

Theory of Modulus

Applied Mathematics


BS Mathematics Fee Structure

BS Mathematics in Pakistan is available through many colleges and universities in Pakistan. Government colleges provide BS Mathematics program to students affiliated with a Government university. The average fee of affiliated colleges is Rs. 20,000/- per year. The fees in government colleges are minimal and promote education in Pakistan. Government universities also have taken all steps to keep the fees low for students. These universities take around Rs. 30,000/- per semester. However, some students don’t get admission in government institutions because of low. Such students choose private universities to complete their BS Mathematics education in Pakistan. BS Mathematics at Punjab University is one of the most popular math programs in Pakistan. The regular fee of private universities in Pakistan is around Rs. 60,000/- per semester. The efforts of private universities to promote the research culture are commendable. Private universities also encouraging their students to take interest in the broader aspects of mathematics such as mathematical biology and quantum finance.

BS Mathematics Scope In Pakistan

BS mathematics in Pakistan is a very popular program among Pre Engineering students. The scope of Mathematics has always been bright as it is evident from the recorded history. From Greeks to this age of philosophers and scientists, the importance of mathematics can never be overlooked. All the important discoveries and innovations have come from mathematical advancements. In this day and age, mathematics is getting more refined and useful for modern applications. The mathematical questions that were once confusing are getting clearer with the collaboration of mathematicians around the world. In Pakistan, both government and private institutions are looking for skilled mathematicians for academic needs, cryptography, advanced physics, financial management, actuarial needs, and the list goes on. You can complete your BS Mathematics in Pakistan to have a secure career.

Career Options After BS Mathematics In Pakistan

Here are the career routes you can take after completing your BS Mathematics qualification

  • Start teaching school/college/university students
  • Get in financial positions in government/private organizations
  • Apply your skills to actuary sciences and statistics
  • Help humanity by choosing the biostatistics and big data field
  • Strengthen the country by becoming a cryptography specialist
  • Create a better future by studying computer science and engineering
  • Pursue a career in advanced fields such as nuclear physics

Frequently Asked Questions About BS Mathematics In Pakistan

Q. Can I choose other fields than teaching after BS Mathematics?

A. There are plenty of career options after you complete your BS Mathematics degree.

Q. Is there a potential for research after this degree?

A. Fields of mathematics is highly unexplored and there are many research chances for you.

Q. Can I choose Computer Science or Engineering after my BS Mathematics degree?

A. You can easily obtain further education in Computer Sciences and Engineering with your BS Mathematics degree in Pakistan.