BS Fashion Designing Complete Guide 2024

BS Fashion Designing is an undergraduate program of four years spread over eight semesters. The degree program is a blend of both theoretical and practical work to practice innovative designs. Moreover, the degree program is designed to help you be creative with your extensive knowledge. Students learn a variety of subjects throughout the program, including illustration, pattern making, cutting, stitching, and sewing. There are a number of well-known institutes throughout Pakistan that offer BS Fashion design in order to produce credible professionals in the field of fashion design. On this page, we have mentioned the details for BS in Fashion Designing.

BS Fashion Designing Study Duration

A BS in Fashion Designing is a four year undergraduate degree that is spread over to 8 semesters.

BS Fashion Designing Study options:

A student can acquire a degree in BS Fashion Design by admitting to a government institute on merit or a private institute.

  • Government Institute

    Different government institutes in Pakistan offer BS Fashion Designing. The government institutes enroll students on a merit basis only. Candidates fulfilling the eligibility criteria are encouraged to apply for a BS degree in Fashion Designing.

  • Private Institutes

    There are several private sector institutes that offer BS in Fashion Designing as well. However, the criteria and fee structure varies in private institutes. Students can also avail of admission on a self-finance basis in private institutes.

BS Fashion Designing Eligibility Criteria

The basic eligibility criteria for admission to BS Fashion Designing is an intermediate or equivalent education with a minimum of 50% marks. Moreover, some institutes might conduct an interview or an entry test to confirm admission.

Top Institutes for BS Fashion Designing

  1. National Textile University
  2. Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design
  3. Hajvery University
  4. National College of Business Administration and Economics
  5. University of South Asia
  6. University of Home Economics
  7. Lahore School of Fashion Design
  8. Government College Women University
  9. Shaheed Allah Buksh Soomro University Of Art, Design And Heritages
  10. University of Sialkot

BS Fashion Designing Admission Process

Candidates who have completed their intermediate or equivalent education can apply for BS in Fashion Designing in their desired university. The admission process consists of an admission form which is filled by every student. The admission form includes several mandatory requirements for students. After the applications are submitted, candidates wait for the merit list of the successful candidates by the university.

BS Fashion Designing Fee Structure

The fee structure for BS in Fashion Designing vary among government and private sector institutes. The fee structure of some of the universities offering BS in Fashion Design are mentioned below.



Fee Structure

Hajvery University


Rs. 705,000/-

University of Management and Technology


Rs. 1,090,000

Career Opportunities for BS Fashion Designing

After acquiring a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Designing, candidates can pursue the following career opportunities.

  • Fashion Designer
  • Retail Manager
  • Stylist
  • Fabric development specialist
  • Motif developer designer
  • Fashion Artist
  • Textile Designer