MA English Complete Guide 2024

Among the Master of Arts study programs, MA English is one of the leading study programs. Every year thousands of candidates show their interest to get enrollment in the MA English Study program. The reason behind this interest is that the study program comes with a huge area of knowledge about the English language and literature. Moreover, it also offers candidates a number of career opportunities in the future. The main focusing areas or subjects of studies in MA English are comprised of poetry, prose, drama, and linguistics, MA English program is an amalgamation of the post as well as modern English Literature.

Candidates who are interested to start their masters’ program in English literature are offered best wishes. However, for their convenience here we have discussed almost all the points that one should know before going to get enrolled in the MA English Study program.

Modes Of Studies

There are generally two modes are applicable to study MA English in Pakistan and these are discussed below:

1. Private Studies

We find several universities in Pakistan that are offering a private MA English study program. This private MA English study program is for the candidates who are living in distant places and those having no time for regular studies because of their job and other professional pursuits. While studying private MA English students are not required to attend the classes. They just get enrolled in the university and prepare on their own and they are called to appear for annual examination and the degree is completed in two years. The private MA English fee structure is also different than that of regular studies.

2. Regular Studies

Besides getting the opportunities of private MA English, candidates are also getting the opportunities of a regular MA English study program. We find a number of colleges and universities throughout the country that are taking part in offering quality education in the MA English course.

Top Institutes For MA English

The following is the list of the institutes that are offering quality education in MA English studies:

  • Government College University, GCU Lahore
  • National University Of Modern Languages, NUML Islamabad
  • Punjab University, Lahore
  • The Islamic University Of Bahawalpur
  • Greenwich University, Karachi
  • The University Of Lahore
  • Lahore College For Women University
  • University Of Education
  • Benazir Shaheed Bhutto University, Karachi
  • Lahore Garrison University, Lahore

Eligibility Criteria

TThe eligibility criteria for the MA English program may differ from institute to institute. However, the general requirements that every single institute asks before offering enrollment to the candidates are described below:

  • Candidates must have at least a BA or any other equivalent degree with at least 50% of marks from a recognized institute.
  • Candidates must show all the previous academic records.
  • The identity documents such as B form and CNIC are required.
  • Candidates are also required to show their NOC to start studies in the MA English program in any of the universities located in Pakistan.

Admission Application Process

The admission application process is also different from university to university. Today, we find that most of the universities are offering admission through an online mode of the admission application. However, at the same time, some universities are also accepting by hand admission applications. So, it depends upon the policy of the university. For this purpose, applicants are asked to contact their selected university and get to know the complete admission criteria.

MA English Admissions Deadline

The admission dates and MA English Admission deadline may also vary from the institutes to the institutes. However, here we share a general idea with the students that the regular universities are offering MA English programs with the semester system and after ending every semester the universities open admissions. Almost all universities accept admission applications twice a year.

Generally, the admissions are closed in September for the winter semester, and for the summer semester, the admissions are closed in February by the majority of the institutes.

MA English Study Duration

MA English is a two years program and students go through the semester system. Therefore, the degree is completed in four semesters. Every semester completes within six months.

MA English Fee Structure

It has seen that the MA English fee structure varies from the institutes to the institutes in Pakistan. Private sector universities charge students highly as compared to the public sector universities that offer admissions only on a merit basis. Students are recommended to get a maximum of marks in BA and other equivalent bachelor programs to get the opportunity to study in the public sector universities of Pakistan. However, the MA English fee structure ranges from 35,000 to 55,000 PKR per semester.

Career Opportunities After MA English

Once after completing MA English study program candidates can avail of many career opportunities at the national as well as the international level. The following are the ways the doors of which is open with the key of the MA English degree program:

M.Phil. Studies

Candidates who are fond of higher education can make their dreams true because of this MA English program. MA English study program with good scores and CGPA allows students to get both of the opportunities i.e. study abroad as well as study in Pakistan’s renowned higher education institutes.

Content Writing

MA English program enables one to get a good command of the English language that has become the official language of Pakistan. So, while having a good grip on the language skills one can easily avail of the opportunities to become a writer. Today, with the emerging trend of the internet and social media, the content writing career is one of the blooming careers not only in Pakistan but throughout the world.


After successfully completing MA English program candidates can easily get the opportunity to become a teacher. They can apply for a lecturer in the public sector as well as private sector institutes.


Translator and editor are other thriving careers in the world that can be possible because of the MA English degree program.

Other Career Opportunities

Besides all these discussed career opportunities, candidates can also start their careers in the offices, clerical staff, retail stores, marketing, and media agencies, and in private academic institutes, etc.

Get The Latest MA English Admission Updates

As we have discussed above that almost all the universities including the private sector as well as public sector universities offer admissions twice a year. The admission date may be different but the overall duration is the same. However, for the convenience of the students, here we come with the MA English admission updates of almost all the universities located in Pakistan.