BS Criminology Complete Guide 2024

The Bachelor of Science in Criminology is an under graduated program. The program is being offered in various institutes in Pakistan. The main focus of this program is on criminal behavior, crime and to provide justice to people. In this program, students gain a deep knowledge in the field of crime. They also learn the causes of crime. The program offers a wide range of subjects to students that they have to go through. In accordance with their interests and skills, students have the option to select specialized courses. On the completion of this program, graduates can join various career paths. Some of them include officers, detectives, forensic specialists, and probation officers. Read out the whole page to get more information regarding the program.

Career Prospects in Criminology

Numerous employment prospects in the criminal justice system and associated sectors are open to students with a criminology degree.

  • They can serve in a variety of capacities, including police officers, detectives, crime scene investigators, and intelligence analysts.

  • Graduates can find employment in prisons, jails, and offices that handle probation or parole.

  • Students of this program can find jobs in different careers. They can fight for justice against criminal law.

  • Graduates in criminal justice may work in private security organizations, retail businesses, or financial institutions.

It's vital to remember that specific employment options are available for students. Job chances in the subject of criminology can be improved via networking, internships, and acquiring practical experience in related organizations.

Highlights of the BS Criminology Program

The highlights are mentioned in the given table. So, get quick information from it.

Program BS Criminology
Duration 4 years
Semesters 8

Areas of Specialization in the Field of Criminology

Criminology provides a number of specializations that enable specialists to concentrate on certain facets of crime, criminal behavior, and the criminal justice system. Here we have mentioned some of the specialization areas for your assistance.

  • Criminal Profiling

  • Forensic Psychology:

  • White-Collar Crime

  • Victim logy

  • Cyber criminology

  • Comparative Criminology

  • Terrorism

Affiliations & Accreditations

Before enrolling in any University, you must clarify its Affiliations & Accreditations. There are a number of Universities that are affiliated with HEC (Higher Education Commission). The Universities offer a curriculum to students issued by HEC. Basically, HEC is a regulatory body that is responsible for the higher education in the country. Students are informed that the list of some institutes is mentioned below for your assistance. The mentioned institutes are affiliated with HEC. Get the proper information from the given institutes from their official website.

Institute Program Duration
Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan 4 years
Nfc Institute Of Engineering & Technology 4 years
University Of Malakand 4 years
University Of Sindh 4 years
Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, University Of Law, Clifton 4 years
University Of Karachi 4 years
University Of The Punjab 4 years
Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan 4 years
University Of Okara 4 years
University Of Peshawar 4 years
University Of Sahiwal 4 years
University Of Sargodha 4 years
The Superior University 4 years
Riphah International University, Faisalabad Campus 4 years
The University Of Faisalabad 4 years
Pimsat - Institute Of Higher Education 4 years

Scope of Criminology Program

The multidisciplinary study of criminology, criminal behavior, and the criminal justice system is included in the scope of a criminology program. To comprehend and analyze the crime from multiple angles, the study of this program is important. Students investigate methods for deterring and regulating crime. An extensive range of activities is covered in a criminology program. It can train students for various professions, including research, advocacy, social work, criminal justice administration, and law enforcement. Students can do specialization in various areas and can join different organizations.