BS Optometry complete guide 2024

BSc optometry in Pakistan refers to the study of identifying eye or visual conditions, treating eye injuries, and prescribing appropriate medicine. With the rapid advancement in technology, the scope of this field is increasing day by day. The students that are interested to take admission in this field can check all the details of BS optometry admissions regarding the eligibility criteria, career scope, curriculum details, major subjects, and jobs by going through this portal. Being a newly introduced program in Visionary Science, it offers tremendous job opportunities in the public and private sectors in the country. The graduates have diverse options for employment in different areas. Moreover, they can also run an independent optometric clinic after completing the 1-year clinical practice as it will prove to a noble option and fruitful experience.

Eligibility Criteria of BS Optometry

The BS optometry eligibility criteria are mentioned on this platform that allows the students to check the BS optometry criteria required by the universities for the admission purpose. BS optometry is approved by the Higher Education Commission so the degree is offered by the various universities.

  • The students after the completion of the intermediate with the science subjects such as physics, chemistry, and biology are eligible to apply in this degree program.
  • The admissions in the BS optometry are given at the merit as well as the quota level.
  • It is furthermore informed to the students that the entrance percentage is also different from institution to institution.

BS Optometry Course Details

BS Optometry course spreads over a period of 4 years and in this duration, the students get to study diverse set of subjects that are taught through the lectures, laboratories exposure and practice at the clinics. The subjects are aimed to educate the students about the physiology and anatomy of the eye, further leading to the practical application of the knowledge that they have learned through the lectures. In the initial semesters, the main focus is to make the students understand the optical procedures. To provide the complete insight of the course details the laboratory equipment and models are used. At the end of the course, the students are taken to the eye clinics so that they can practically implement their learning.

BS Optometry Subjects In Pakistan:

During the BS Optometry degree program, the students have to study different majors as well as minor subjects. The duration of the degree is four years that comprises of eight semesters. A wide range of subjects is taught to the students so that they can understand all the basics of the field in a better way. The students can check the major subjects of BS optometry in Pakistan that are stated below.

  • Visual Optics
  • Organization and function of the Visual System
  • Introduction to Ocular Diseases
  • Clinical Optometry
  • Perspectives from Vision Sciences
  • Posterior Eye Therapeutics
  • Geometrical and Physical Optics
  • Contact Lenses
  • Interior Eye Therapeutics
  • Development and Aging of Visual System

BS Optometry Fee Structure

The BS optometry fee structure of some of the universities and the medical colleges offering this program is mentioned in this table.

Universities/Medical Colleges

Fee Details

Dow University Of Health Sciences


King Edward Medical University / Mio Hospital


Khawaja Fareed University Of Engineering & Information Technology


The University Of Faisalabad


The Superior University


Bashir Para-medical Institute


Universities Offering Optometry In Pakistan:

There numerous BS optometry offering universities in Pakistan. We have compiled the list of some of the best institutes in which the students can get enrolled to continue their studies. The students are required to check the admission criteria, eligibility, course details, and fee structure of the institute prior to starting the admission process. The names of the universities are listed below

  • King Edward Medical University
  • The University of Punjab
  • Superior University
  • FMH College of Medical and Dentistry
  • University of Lahore
  • University of Faisalabad
  • Hafeez Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Bashir Para Medical Institute
  • Rawalpindi Medical College
  • Rashid Latif Medical College


What is the BS optometry course?

BS optometry is the undergraduate course in which the students can take admission after the completion of intermediate. It is basically a health care profession and vision care science that deals with the examination, treatment of the diseases associated with the visual systems.

Is an optometrist a good career choice?

Medical domains are widely preferred among the students. After the FSc pre-medical the students can pursue optometry as it is a great career choice. There is a wide range of growth opportunities offered in this area of study.

What is the Optometry Scope In Pakistan?

In scope of BS optometry in Pakistan is huge and the person with the optometry degree can earn a good amount of money. It is also considered one of the highest paying professions in Pakistan. There are many people that suffer from the issues of the visual system and require proper diagnosis and treatment. The graduates after the completion of the degree can work both in the public and the private sectors. Besides the MBBS and BDS, it is one of the good career choices because of its salary and job opportunities.

What is the salary of an optometrist?

The starting BS optometry salary in Pakistan is from Rs. 50,000 that may reach up to Rs. 200, 000/- depending upon the designation and the experience of the individual. The more the years of services, the more the income will be increased as per the expertise. The field offers a good salary package so many students prefer to opt this course. Moreover, the study plan of the BS optometry course is relatively easy and comprised of various subjects that provide theoretical as well as practical learning to the students.

What are the job opportunities for the optometrist?

A graduate holding the BS optometry can join the various fields and can get easily employed. There are different BS optometry job opportunities in Pakistan. Some job sectors in which the candidate can apply for jobs are as follows.

  • Public and Private Hospital
  • Private Clinic
  • Pharmaceutical Firms
  • Research Journals
  • Research Departments
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Forensic Labs
  • Bio-Medical Industries
  • Manufacturing Industries