MS Computer Science Complete Guide 2023

Master Of Science in Computer Science, MSCS is one of the most valued and prestigious study programs throughout the world and Pakistan is not an exceptional case in offering such a study program. The study program offers advance knowledge of Computer science and candidates choose a particular or specialization field at this level to start their professional career after completing the degree with their designated subject. In Pakistan, we find a lot of science and technology universities that are paying their best to offer quality education in the master of computer sciences. We have gathered all the data and requirements that every single student should know to start their MSCS admission applications in Pakistan.

Who Is Eligible For MSCS Program

Students who are interested to start the MSCS program have to get the complete MSCS eligibility criteria before going to submit their application. The eligibility criteria or the admission requirements smay differ by various universities. However, the general eligibility you can find here:

  • Applicants must pass 16 years of education in the computer science field from a recognized university in Pakistan.
  • Applicants have to secure almost 2.5 CGPA in BS or Master's Degree to secure their admission to the MSCS program.
  • Applicants have to pass the entrance exams that may be different according to the universities’ policies. The universities may also call the candidates for interviews.
  • Keep it in mind that the final evaluation of your admission will be based on the entrance exams and interviews.

What Is MSCS Admission Process In Pakistan

In Pakistan, generally, two modes of applications are running and these are including on online MSCS admission application and offline or by-hand MSCS admission application. The mode of application depends upon the university’s policy. However, students are informed that most of the universities accept online registration or admission applications. Although some universities also accept offline admission applications.

Students are advised to contact directly to their selected university to take the exact idea that what is the application process arranged by that particular university. Here we come with a helpful tip for the students that apply a complete or accurate application and must submit your application within the given timeframe. Otherwise, your application may get a rejection from the institutes.

Supporting Documents For MSCS Admission

While submitting your application you will be required to send some supporting documents along with your admission application form. Candidates are highly recommended to submit a complete application. Documents requirements may differ according to your chosen institute. Although the following are the documents that are necessary for almost all types of universities including private universities in Pakistan and public universities in Pakistan to apply for MSCS admissions:

  • Attested copies of matriculation/O-level or any other equivalent certificate.
  • Attested copies of intermediate or any other equivalent certificate.
  • Attested copies of BS 04 years or masters’ 02 degrees in computer science with required scores.
  • Attested copies of Identity documents such as B from and CNIC.
  • Equivalency certificate or hope certificate (if required).

MSCS Admissions Deadline In Pakistan

Almost all the universities in Pakistan including private sector universities in Pakistan as well as public sector universities in Pakistan accept admission applications twice a year and run the degree program through a semester system. However, we also find some universities in Pakistan that offer the MSCS annual study program, and the example of which is Virtual University and some others.

The admission process for the annual program starts in September or October. On the other hand, the universities that offer a semester system follow the below-given admission cycle or admissions deadline for MSCS study program:

  • For the winter semester, the MSCS classes start in September or October and the admission runs before 1 or 2 months.
  • For the summer semester, the admission applications are open in December or January, and classes are commenced from February or March.

University Fee Structure For MSCS

In Pakistan, the higher education fee structure depends upon the nature of the university. The public sector universities in Pakistan comes with lower tuition fee, but, they ask for the high scores in the previous academic degrees and entrance exams. On the other hand, private sector universities do not require high scores but they come with a high tuition fee. MSCS fee structure may also vary within same sector universities. In order to obtain an exact idea about the tuition fee students are advised to contact their particular chosen institute directly. Here we come with the latest evaluation of several universities and concluded that the MSCS tuition fee ranges from 24,000 to 124,000 per semester.

Duration OF MSCS Study Program

MSCS study program completes in 02 years. Universities that offer annual programs call students for the annual examination sessions. However, in the semester system, every semester completes within 06 months.

What Career Opportunities Bring By MSCS

After completing the MSCS study program, the degree holders can get lots of career opportunities to have a bright future. First of all, we would like to discuss the students who want to get a Ph.D. degree in computer science. If you get success in earning an MSCS degree with good scores then you become eligible to apply for Ph.D. studies at both national as well as international levels. Moreover, the following are the major career opportunities a candidate can find after completing the MSCS degree program:

IT consultant: You can start working in IT companies to give helpful business strategies and career advice in the IT field.

Cyber-security Consultant: While having a degree in Master of Computer Sciences you can also join Cyber Security agencies.

Information Systems Manager: You can grab a manager post in information technology or software companies.

Database Administrator: This is another respectable position in the field of computer science and you can earn a lot by having this designation.

Multimedia Programmer: Programming field has become a large field in Pakistan. A candidate with the MSCS program can deal with multimedia programming that is another growing career in Pakistan.

Games Developer: If you have an interest and specialization in the gaming field then you can start your career as a game developer. Today, amazing games have launched that are ruling throughout the world and are the ways to earn billions of dollars.

Technical Writer: After studying the technical points of computer science you can also start your career as a technical writer and a lot of IT companies require technical content writers to fulfill their requirements.

MSCS Admission Notifications

Well, the applicants who have completed their bachelor-level studies and are eager to start a Master's level journey in the computer science field can find the latest MSCS admission notifications to start their admission applications on time.